5 Craziest Stories of Parents Being Totally Irresponsible

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mom arrested child abysePolice arrested 30-year-old Amy McIntosh on November 24 and charged her with child endangerment and obstruction of government. The Little Rock, Arkansas resident had allegedly left her 11-month-old baby home alone while she ran to the liquor store, and to pay a visit to her mother. Neighbors called the cops after they heard the baby crying and busted down the door to find the little one all alone on the floor with a bloody nose and a soiled diaper.

But, knowing you, you're probably wondering what the hell is going on in Amy's mug shot.

It's a valid inquiry, and unfortunately, I have no answer. She was charged with "obstruction of government" because she reportedly lied to officials about her identity -- did Amy say she was the Michelin Man and tried to use the rubber glove balloon as proof? Did she claim she was the Hamburger Helper? Maybe she just went old school and said her name was Mrs. Blown Up Surgical Sanitary Glove Lady.

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In any event, it remains a mystery as to why her mug shot is the way it is, but believe it or not, Amy's not the only dim bulb to leave their child unattended to do some pretty messed up things. (She is, however, the only parent who co-stars in their mug shot with a rubber hand covering.)

A pot-smoking mother left her 5-week-old baby on the roof of her car and drove off. Miraculously, the baby was fine, even though it fell off the car into an intersection.

Despite common sense and the warnings every single year about the dangers of leaving your child in a hot car, some parents never fail to disappoint. One mom left her toddler in the car in 110-degree heat ... so she could shop.

And a father in Indiana forgot he left his baby girl in the car, only to discover her dead a few hours later. One dad left his daughter in a shopping cart in a parking lot and drove away, none the wiser.

Then just this spring, two different sets of parents left their kids at Chuck E. Cheese and didn't realize it until the day after. Oof.

None of these parents will be up for Mom or Dad of the Year, but if we could give out a prize for best consequential mug shot, Amy, my dear, would win, hands down.

Have you ever left your baby home alone, even for a few minutes?


Photo via County Courthouse

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Leyna Ann Bryner

i don't even leave me baby in the car for 2 minutes to run into a gas station for something. You never know what kind of freaks there r in this world who could take your baby! Some people are just total jackass who shouldn't have kids..

Chris Davis

Hopefully the glove in the mugshot has ice in it for the lump on her head cuz hopefully the neighbors thumped her a good one!

ihave... ihavetwo2

Never have I left my children. My brother told me he left is daughter home alone when she was 2 months old. His wife called all panicked about something. He packed up the diaper bag, got the car seat and forgot the baby swaddled on the couch!! When he picked up his wife she freaked out asking " where's the baby!?" they rushed back to Bella still swaddled in the same spot! 3 years later my sister in law is still pissed about it! haha I would be too. I have never and will never leave my kids anywhere alone.


Elizabeth Eastman Aultman

The glove has ice in it.  It's a disposable ice pack at every jail.  I ran a day care for 10 years - I've seen kids left t the movies, the skating rink, etc.  It takes a system to make sure you have the same 50-60 kids when you leave that you had when you arrived - but I can't understand how a parent could ever leave a child anywhere  The home is usually more dangerous than anywhere else your kids go!


Robin Schomake-Mueller

I have 3 kids and 9 nieces and nephews, I have been through almost every scenario possible when it comes to child rearing, we're human and we make mistakes. This woman did not make a mistake. She made a really bad choice that could have had severe consequences for that child. In my opinion that's the difference between being a normal parent and neglectful one.

mommy... mommy-ashley-3

I have three children that I normally leave with my sis -n -law while I do the weekly grocery shopping. Once when I took them over to her house my youngest who is 3 wanted to come along. On the way he told me he was hungry and I replied that he could get chicken strips at the deli once we got there. The rest of the ride was silent. Once there I got out walked in, got a buggy, and proceeded to the deli to get promised chicken strips. Only then did I realize he was still strapped into his seat. I left my purse and the buggy right where it was and sprinted all the way to our car. When I unlocked the door and took him out he said u forgot me mommy LOL everyone in the parking lot was laughing at me for running so fast. I was mortified!! And scared to death as well. I grade myself as a pretty good mom. I'm there for my kids all day everyday. They are my life, but mistakes do happen.

angelmj angelmj

I am not sure if this is true but my friend said her ex left his sleeping son in the house while he ran across the street to the gas station. You could see the gas station out the window and he was gone for a whole 5 mins. It was freezing outside so I guess he did not want to wake the baby up and get him dressed and take him outside. The milk was for the baby so IDK.

April Maddox

This happens more then you would think , when my son started kindergarten we were late getting to the bus from work by 2 min , i figured hey would have just brough him back to the school ..but no they let him off a block from home , we found him at our door , when i called freeking out they told me that parents work and kids are home alone all the time if they would bring them back to the school they woud be there all night .no joke and he was 5 at the time  they never changed this and there are still kids that i  know of home alone all the time  . the law says as long as you feel your child is respoable enough not to hurt them selfs , but it also says if they get hurt its on you ..i will not take that chance but people do all the time . ..happens in singel parent low income familys all the time , they have no one who can watch there kids not saying its right but you people act like its rare and its not


Brenda Underwood

I don't understand how any parent can leave their kid at Chuck E. Cheese #1 they stamp your hand so they know who you are with and how many kids are with you #2 wtf are you at Chuck E. Cheese - for your kids how can you forget the reason you are there unless you kist like to play the games - maybe eney were teen parents wtf knows but my god i could never leave my kids behind anywhere they wouldn't let me LOL

SRB618 SRB618

I take my baby with me everywhere, even outside to clean or pack up car, I just put her bundled up into her bouncer outside, while I clean. I can't imagine ever leaving my child anywhere, she's like my arm, I would notice her being gone in a heart beat!

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