5 Craziest Stories of Parents Being Totally Irresponsible

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mom arrested child abysePolice arrested 30-year-old Amy McIntosh on November 24 and charged her with child endangerment and obstruction of government. The Little Rock, Arkansas resident had allegedly left her 11-month-old baby home alone while she ran to the liquor store, and to pay a visit to her mother. Neighbors called the cops after they heard the baby crying and busted down the door to find the little one all alone on the floor with a bloody nose and a soiled diaper.

But, knowing you, you're probably wondering what the hell is going on in Amy's mug shot.

It's a valid inquiry, and unfortunately, I have no answer. She was charged with "obstruction of government" because she reportedly lied to officials about her identity -- did Amy say she was the Michelin Man and tried to use the rubber glove balloon as proof? Did she claim she was the Hamburger Helper? Maybe she just went old school and said her name was Mrs. Blown Up Surgical Sanitary Glove Lady.

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In any event, it remains a mystery as to why her mug shot is the way it is, but believe it or not, Amy's not the only dim bulb to leave their child unattended to do some pretty messed up things. (She is, however, the only parent who co-stars in their mug shot with a rubber hand covering.)

A pot-smoking mother left her 5-week-old baby on the roof of her car and drove off. Miraculously, the baby was fine, even though it fell off the car into an intersection.

Despite common sense and the warnings every single year about the dangers of leaving your child in a hot car, some parents never fail to disappoint. One mom left her toddler in the car in 110-degree heat ... so she could shop.

And a father in Indiana forgot he left his baby girl in the car, only to discover her dead a few hours later. One dad left his daughter in a shopping cart in a parking lot and drove away, none the wiser.

Then just this spring, two different sets of parents left their kids at Chuck E. Cheese and didn't realize it until the day after. Oof.

None of these parents will be up for Mom or Dad of the Year, but if we could give out a prize for best consequential mug shot, Amy, my dear, would win, hands down.

Have you ever left your baby home alone, even for a few minutes?


Photo via County Courthouse

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Heather Prescott

I think the glove is filled with ice - im guessing she "accidently" got knocked up side the head - must have bumped it getting in to the police cruise :)


Omg, I cannot imagine. These parents should not be allowed around these children again and should be fixed

Stephanie L. Vidrine

For Floridamom26; 

That sinario is far fetched. I would double and triple check with 'aunt b' before I ever stepped foot out of that place to make sure that he had permision to leave with her, and that she would be watching him. And even then the child would have to return home first to get belongings to spend the night. Unless said child was just supposed to nit brush their teeth/hair, or change clothes while they're there. Parents that are split up or who co-parent, need to be on top of things. There is no excuse for leaving your child anywhere. The parents should have checked with eachother to make sure where the child was before leaving. My son is my world. I would never just walk away without him. I can't even go out to eat and have a good time with my husband without feeling guitly for him not being. I find myself constantly checking the backseat when he isn't there, it's just a reaction that I'm used to. 

Not everyone is cut out to parent. These stories just prove it. 

korenamc korenamc

I have 4 kids, 2 are ID twin girls and when they were babies I almost took the wrong one to the doctor....lol the most ive done bad was forgetting to buckle a kid in... Id get a few blocks and remember , pull over and fix it......but never left a child

nonmember avatar cc2012

Absolutely not! My daughter is 8 and I wouldn't leave her alone for a second ...not because she's not responsible but because adults these days are not. Are these parents living in the same world as I am ? Killing ,kidnapping ,rapes ,burglaries ....come on people.

skrawli skrawli

Well it looks like we have all done stupid things.  I think most of the parents on here, including me,  are not actively trying to leave their children but instead have made a mistake and learned from it.  According to one of the first comments most of us should not be parents.  I am sure glad that I am not judged on one snapshot mistake.  You know. . . the ones that people make based on one action in a whole persons life. I will admit heading out to get some alcohol raises the question as to what her values are and it does make me wonder if she should have kids or even a plant.  

When I was a kid a neighbor went out to party leaving her newborn at home for hours.  When she finally stumbled home there was an intruder in her home.  Um.  

Lori Millson

When my son was only a few weeks old,I wasshopping ina store with him sleeping in the stroller.  I went to try something on, leaving him with my shopping partner.  When I came back, we both walked out of the store without baby and stroller.  Luckily, just outside the store, we realized and went back.  I am not a neglectful parent, just probably an overwhelmed one at the time. Add in some miscommunication and this situation happened.  Purposely leaving your child is quite different from accidental.  Those that did it intentionally should be charged.  The others,  perhaps just knowing what they did is enough.  I know it was for me.


Mommy... Mommy2justone

@ Mindyjane- And that is how your car gets jacked with your baby in it. 

Kristie Jarmer Schaffner

I have never left my kids alone. They are 6, 8 and 9 and I do not feel that they are anywhere near ready to be left alone for even a minute yet. I can't leave the room without some sort of conflict arising. I can't imagine what they would do unsupervised for any length of time. Not to mention all the home invasion robberies that seem to be on the rise. I know my kids would not have the wherewithal to know what to do in a situation like that. No way would I ever put them in a situation like that. We talk about stuff like that just so they are aware, but I would never tempt fate.

nonmember avatar Nicole T

What the heck?? if my son isn't in the same room as I am I'm aware right away! Never mind not in the car or the house at all! I understand being forgetfull but forgetting ur kid is a little scarey! When my son was first born, I wouldn't even go outside to take the trash out while he was napping. I can't inmagine leaving him to run errands without someone with him. I just don't think it would be possible at all for me to forget I had him with me.

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