5 Craziest Stories of Parents Being Totally Irresponsible

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mom arrested child abysePolice arrested 30-year-old Amy McIntosh on November 24 and charged her with child endangerment and obstruction of government. The Little Rock, Arkansas resident had allegedly left her 11-month-old baby home alone while she ran to the liquor store, and to pay a visit to her mother. Neighbors called the cops after they heard the baby crying and busted down the door to find the little one all alone on the floor with a bloody nose and a soiled diaper.

But, knowing you, you're probably wondering what the hell is going on in Amy's mug shot.

It's a valid inquiry, and unfortunately, I have no answer. She was charged with "obstruction of government" because she reportedly lied to officials about her identity -- did Amy say she was the Michelin Man and tried to use the rubber glove balloon as proof? Did she claim she was the Hamburger Helper? Maybe she just went old school and said her name was Mrs. Blown Up Surgical Sanitary Glove Lady.

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In any event, it remains a mystery as to why her mug shot is the way it is, but believe it or not, Amy's not the only dim bulb to leave their child unattended to do some pretty messed up things. (She is, however, the only parent who co-stars in their mug shot with a rubber hand covering.)

A pot-smoking mother left her 5-week-old baby on the roof of her car and drove off. Miraculously, the baby was fine, even though it fell off the car into an intersection.

Despite common sense and the warnings every single year about the dangers of leaving your child in a hot car, some parents never fail to disappoint. One mom left her toddler in the car in 110-degree heat ... so she could shop.

And a father in Indiana forgot he left his baby girl in the car, only to discover her dead a few hours later. One dad left his daughter in a shopping cart in a parking lot and drove away, none the wiser.

Then just this spring, two different sets of parents left their kids at Chuck E. Cheese and didn't realize it until the day after. Oof.

None of these parents will be up for Mom or Dad of the Year, but if we could give out a prize for best consequential mug shot, Amy, my dear, would win, hands down.

Have you ever left your baby home alone, even for a few minutes?


Photo via County Courthouse

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nonmember avatar Sandy

When my first son was about 6 weeks, we were about to do our first trip to grandma's by ourselves. No husband with me I was on my own. I got the diaper bag ( overly, first time new mom packed) got the temperature perfect in the car as it was summer time. Got baby dressed and ready and buckled in to his seat. Get to the corner which was 5 houses down and realize I forgot baby in his seat in the living room. I burst through the door and see him snoozing away snug as a bug. I cried for days. I still feel horrible

SaphireH SaphireH

Home alone? Hell no I can't even leave my kids for the length of time it takes me to pee with out them causing some sort trouble. Last weekend I went pee and come out in after a minute to my 11 month old sitting on the fire place mantel eating ashes out of the fire place. Then a few hours later I've got him and his 3 year old sister by myself and I had to go #2 and our bathroom is too small to have them both in there so after a long stall of trying not to go I had to give in, leaving them baby gated into the living room/ kitchen area figuring ok I'll go as fast as I can well in 5 minutes my 3 year old had climbed the cupboards and gotten a hold of her aunt's sunflower seeds and dumped the whole huge bag onto the floor and my 11 month old is sitting in the middle of the pile. I've given up on using the bathroom while im alone with them

the4m... the4mutts

LEFT THEM? No. But crazy shit has happened in my house. I shudder to recall....ugh

All with my youngest too. He's an adorable, sweet, blonde mischief monster.

NCISf... NCISfan2003

I have never left my child home alone, he is with my mother or myself at all times.

MamaD... MamaDearie

FYI- that glove in the mug shot is most likely filled with ice. She probably sustained some sort of minor injury while refusing to cooperate with the police. And as to the question- ummm NO- never! I have 3 kiddos (between 2 and 8 years old) and not once have I ever left any of them home alone. Not even for a minute. I consider myelf a free-range type parent but there is a serious difference between 'free-range' and just plain irresponsible. I used to volunteer on a child abuse hotline and one of the things that fascinated me while determining neglect is that not one state in our country has a strict minimum age to be alone regulation. (Or at least they didn't 12 years ago.) I don't care how intelligent or responsible a child is- there are just some things kids are too young to cope with until a certain stage of development.

nonmember avatar jessica

my son's bio-mom left him alone in the house when he was 3 while she went out clubbing, got arrested, and told no one about the baby. Neighbors found him. Sickening.

mindy... mindyjane283

my 9 month old only gets left home with out anyone awake with her or anyone else homw when I run down the flight of stairs to check mail or the 2 flights for laundry,  then shes in the playpen or taking a nap.  Other than that if I have to run onto the gas station to prepay cash for gas or grab something for two seconds or pee at my roommates work.  but I'm back out in less tan a minute usually and its mostly because winter in Ohio is no fun, rain, to frakin hot or shes out cold.  the car is left running (to be turned off when i get back out to pump gas)  there was a cop pull up at one poin when i was walking out of the store and he gave me a look when he saw her in the back seat.  I told him the truth I walked in handed over the cash for gas and told her the pump number and im back out, shes been there 5 seconds and the car is still running.  leave her for more than  minute anywhere mean some ones with her or shes in her crib asleep for the night and the roommates are home

Angela L Loxton Essenmacher

Ihave had nightmares of leaving my child somewhere. I have never actually left them anywhere unintentionaly other than at school (forgot to pick them up early after getting my hair done for my sisters wedding). but i have left my youngest quite a few times in the house when getting ready to go somewhere thinking my husband had her. only to realize before even pulling out of the drive way that she wasnt in the car. and once she got left in the garage. that was by pure accident we thought she was in the house and she wandered into the garage un noticed as we were leaving it and she got shut in I was freaking out when i couldnt find her. needless to say we check and double check now!


othermom othermom

It is sad that the parents are stupid enough to do these things

Nancy Peak

I have- ONCE- my kids were in the bed sound asleep and my husband calls me from the Kroger 2 min down the road. His car was dead. I locked all the doors made haste to the store to give him a jump and as soon as he was running I made haste back home. Checked on everything and then went about the rest of my night, But never would I do anything these 'parents' did and definitely not on purpose! 

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