5 Craziest Stories of Parents Being Totally Irresponsible

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mom arrested child abysePolice arrested 30-year-old Amy McIntosh on November 24 and charged her with child endangerment and obstruction of government. The Little Rock, Arkansas resident had allegedly left her 11-month-old baby home alone while she ran to the liquor store, and to pay a visit to her mother. Neighbors called the cops after they heard the baby crying and busted down the door to find the little one all alone on the floor with a bloody nose and a soiled diaper.

But, knowing you, you're probably wondering what the hell is going on in Amy's mug shot.

It's a valid inquiry, and unfortunately, I have no answer. She was charged with "obstruction of government" because she reportedly lied to officials about her identity -- did Amy say she was the Michelin Man and tried to use the rubber glove balloon as proof? Did she claim she was the Hamburger Helper? Maybe she just went old school and said her name was Mrs. Blown Up Surgical Sanitary Glove Lady.

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In any event, it remains a mystery as to why her mug shot is the way it is, but believe it or not, Amy's not the only dim bulb to leave their child unattended to do some pretty messed up things. (She is, however, the only parent who co-stars in their mug shot with a rubber hand covering.)

A pot-smoking mother left her 5-week-old baby on the roof of her car and drove off. Miraculously, the baby was fine, even though it fell off the car into an intersection.

Despite common sense and the warnings every single year about the dangers of leaving your child in a hot car, some parents never fail to disappoint. One mom left her toddler in the car in 110-degree heat ... so she could shop.

And a father in Indiana forgot he left his baby girl in the car, only to discover her dead a few hours later. One dad left his daughter in a shopping cart in a parking lot and drove away, none the wiser.

Then just this spring, two different sets of parents left their kids at Chuck E. Cheese and didn't realize it until the day after. Oof.

None of these parents will be up for Mom or Dad of the Year, but if we could give out a prize for best consequential mug shot, Amy, my dear, would win, hands down.

Have you ever left your baby home alone, even for a few minutes?


Photo via County Courthouse

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Megan Lee

How do you go into a Chuck-E-Cheese and leave WITHOUT a kid??? That's mind-blowing to me.

nonmember avatar Lilac

To Megan Lee: It was at a big family birthday party with like 25 people. Dad thought she was in one mini van with mom and mom thought she was in the other mini van with dad.

bubba258 bubba258

Leaving for my first day back at work when baby was 9m old, I had hounded my husband about not forgetting the baby bag when bringing her in to be breastfed. When he arrived around lunch time, he told me he had grabbed the bag and when he driven to the corner of our street our 5yr old asked "what about the baby dad?"......

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Some people just weren't made to be parents, and that's okay - unless you already are a parent. 

mommy... mommytojack0524

Geez people--If you aren't cut out to be a parent, don't want to be one, or even don't want to be one yet, do everything you can to not become one.  Take responsibility, at least in that one area of your life.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

These people blow my mind. My kids are my world and these people treat them like just another replaceable object.

Vegeta Vegeta

The glove is probably filled with ice. They used to do that at my high school.

Flori... Floridamom96

To answe Megan Leee, I have a large family, 6 siblings. There are currently 20 grandchildren. There are occasions when we are all together at a gathering away from home. For example, we all journeyed to the airport when my brother returned from Iraq. It is quite common for the many children to negotiate amongst themselves who will get to ride to and from such events with whom. We have to be hyper-vigilant to prevent a Chuck E Cheese type situation. For instance, "Mom can I spend the night with cousin A? Aunt B said it was fine with her." Mom says yes. Child runs off to spend the night with Aunt B, but Aunt B never said yes and sends said child back to Mom. Mom has already left. Child looks for Aunt B, but Aunt B has left as well. This hasn't ever actually happened to us, but I can understand how a situation could be confusing enough for such a thing to occur. 

Em Chappell-Root

My husband works Retail. A guy got pissed that he couldn't get an upgraded Wii-U system for the regular system price, stormed out of the store, and left his two kids, who were between 8 and 10. Kids see dad pull off and go running out of the store after him, and my husband vaults over the counter, runs after the kids, and follows them as they chase their dad down. Dad stops at a stop sign behind the building, and apparently realizes what he did, because he backed up, yelled at the kids and my husband, they load into the car and screech off. The store manager debated pulling the security footage and getting the license number to inform the cops, but decided they probably wouldn't do anything. 

jen.boyd jen.boyd

My ex husband just recently left our 5 year old special needs son in a hotel room out of town to go get batteries. I just happened to call him @ 10:30pm to tell my son goodnight and he kept stalling and refusing to let me speak to him, then says I went to get batteries. I asked him where my son was and he said, back in the room. I immediately called the cops and drove the 3 1/2 hours to get my son back from him. Court ordered visitation or not I told him he was never leaving my sight with my child again.

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