Drug Addict Mom Gets Her Baby Back After Breaking Baby's Kneecap (VIDEO)

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All of us have made some horrendous mistake as parents that could have, or did, cause harm to our baby. Here's mine: I was rocketing down the expressway with my son in the car, glanced back at him in the rear view mirror....and realized I had not strapped him into his car seat. I still start shaking when I think of what could have happened.

So it's difficult for me to judge Angelina, who was in prison for selling drugs, which she did to feed her own addiction, and was pregnant when she was sentenced. Like most of the moms in this series, she was allowed to keep her baby with her in the prison nursery. But that didn't last long.

After a Halloween party, she was getting him ready for his bath and put him in his crib without raising the side, and he rolled out and ended up with a broken kneecap. He was taken from her, and she was devastated. 

But here's where the benefits of keeping moms with their babies becomes apparent. Angelina got out a little early, and instead of going right back to the streets, she realized she needed to get her life on track. So she joined up with the program that also took in her son when she was in prison, called Hour Children, and is off drugs and working to become a substance abuse counselor.

Check out the video below; as Angelina says, "it's all about love."

What do you think of Angelina's story?

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kelti... kelticmom

I am glad she was able to get her life together so she can be a good mother, and her baby won't be just one more statistic that falls through the system's cracks. As for the accident, that could have happened to anyone. When my son was two months old, I laid him on the bed, turned around to grab something, turned back around and he was on the floor. I didn't even know he could roll over yet, it was the first time! Children come into my ER all the time with injuries from just plain, simple accidents, and their parents just beat themselves up over it. I tell them that God made kids so resilient bc He knows parents make a lot of mistakes. Best wishes to this precious mom and her child.

kelti... kelticmom

And btw, that was a horrible, misleading, and possibly slanderous title. For shame! You made it sound like she was strung out and took a baseball bat to her baby's knee!

Jespren Jespren

Rather agree with kelticmom, she didn't break the baby's kneecap, the baby had an accident and the kneecap got broken. *mom* didn't break her kid's leg.

TippyD TippyD

what kelticmom said:( WTG with a very misleading and cruel title.  the mom didn't break her babies leg. smh.. shame on you! glad she was able to get her act together and get off drugs and is supporting her baby!

Allison Fretts

Agreed. The title is very cruel.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Wait. I thought those drop-side cribs were banned? If they're so dangerous, what the hell are they doing in a government facility??? This could have been prevented.

and yeah, change your title. It's severely misleading. I was expecting to read some horror story about an abusive, drug-addled woman pleading that he was her "natural son" and "needed" her, and took him back from some loving adoptive family just because he's "her blood". or was that what you were hoping? To stir up a big controversy, and gloss over the fact that this is one woman who seems to be beating the odds and doing something productive and good with both her life and her son's?

worwa... worwalkerlds

Babies don't have kneecaps.

lalab... lalaboosh

Yeah, bad job with this piece... She didn't break anything, babies don't have knee caps, and your title is highly offensive.

nonmember avatar Jenna

The title of this story is the only thing I have a problem with. Accidents happen. Even over protective mothers who don't do drugs or whatever have had a few incidents where they forgot something and their baby got hurt. It happens to almost every single mom on the planet. Your title is misleading, cruel and childish. I think what this woman is doing is wonderful and I'm glad she got a second chance. Everyone deserves second chances (not thirds and fourths and so on) but at LEAST a second chance. And it appears that she is really trying hard to do well and live the good life.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I guess a title of an article could say, 'mom kills baby with car'...which means a baby died in a car ACCIDENT. Midleading title for sure but it worked cause we all read the article, I did part way until I realized the nature of the beaten baby?!

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