6 Natural Baby Washes Safe for Sensitive Skin

bath timeOnce you finally get past the stage where you're terrified of giving your baby a bath (been there, done that, she survived!), it becomes a lot of fun. What's not to love about splashes and giggles and the intoxicating scent of baby wash? Well, maybe that a ton of the baby washes on the market are full of some truly scary chemicals.

A study done a few years ago found at least two-thirds of the baby bath products tested had either one or both of two seriously toxic nasties: formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. Both of those are considered carcinogens! So what's a concerned parent to do? Start stocking up on safe baby washes.

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Maybe you won't get the scent of a certain famous and extremely popular baby wash, but there are plenty of yummy options out there that are safe for baby too.

That moment after I'd pulled my daughter out of the water and wrapped her in a towel, when I snuggled her close to my body and stuck my face up to drink in the scent of her skin, remains one of my favorite memories. I think every parent deserves that, and safer options are out there to make it happen.

Here are six of our favorites.

Are you using one of these? What's your go-to baby wash?


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Mrs.Seb Mrs.Seb

Clearly written by someone who's baby does not have sensitive skin.  While scented products may be all natural, they are not so good for the skin.  I prefer Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Liquid Soap.


Felip... FelipesMom

I washed my baby in water. I still do (he's five!).  I also have never, ever bathed him every day. He has very sensitive skin, and baths dry it out - especially if there is soap involved! I don't think it's necessary or healthy to bathe every day - it's just our culture that says we must. 

When we need something more than water, I use vinegar and/or baking soda, diluted with water. These days he uses a Knotty Boy shampoo bar for his head. And when his skin gets in trouble, I throw a pantyhose foot, filled with oat flour and tied in a knot, into the bath with him - works wonders for his eczema!!!

turna... turnandburn04

Burts bees baby bee is also a good shampoo and body wash, natural and non irritating

Felip... FelipesMom

And ditto Mrs Seb!! The FIRST thing you can do for baby's sensitive skin is go without any added stuff like fragrance or color!!!

nonmember avatar Angela K

Burt's Bees Baby Bee! Also love California Baby.

corri... corrinacs

I was wondering the same thing, Mrs. Seb.  I have a baby with REAL sensitive skin and I have found Mustela works well for him :).  Aveeno may have been good, but he's allergic to oats, so nope :/.  And anything scented is NO GO!  I got Mustela lotion and it was scented and ruined his skin :/.  I found babyganics cream for excema!  I want some of htat in my stocking for Christmas, it felt so good on my dry hands :)

April... AprilJune

I like Live Clean Baby and the Body Shop Burriti Baby products. Live Clean is sulfate, phlatalate and paraben free...Body Shop's line is advertised as "no nasties", and is great for sensitive skin (but it is scented).

Shannyn Hall

https://www.etsy.com/listing/114502516/delicate-unscented-cold-process-soap This stuff is the best!!! It doesn't have any nasty chemicals in it, we love it!

Michaela Bitner

dr bronners baby mild! not just for the kids, me too!

Melanie Becker

I will use organic almond oil to bathe my little one in. It's a common thing to use in Germany for little ones. The best benefit is you don't need lotion after the bath :).

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