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Beth Wankel

We are big fans of Burt's Bees and The Honest Co. baby washes. But, we don't have an overly sensitive skin issue. Also, we love California Baby, but that carries a hefty price tag. 

Katarzyna Wolosik

I use Nurture My Body Baby shampoo and wash. The only downside is the price of the product as well as the shipping costs, which are never free unless you sped over a 100 bucks.

Robin Muske

California Baby Sensitive here! I use it too. We ordered the big GALLON to make it cheaper!

nonmember avatar Lara Bold

We used water only and olive or almond oil the first few months. My new favorite is Shea moisture baby with frankincense and myrhh. We joke that the kids are holier that way. But seriously it smells so good.

3monk... 3monkeesmama

While my grandson doesn't have sensitive skin, I am allergic to Quaternium-15, I break out in a horrible red, flaky, itchy rash. On the day he was born, the nurses bathed him with Baby Magic, we already knew I was allergic and my daughter asked them not to use it, they said it was all they had and the first time I held him, I broke out all over my face and neck, I really wish more products were readily available for this reason. What if a new mother was allergic and couildn't comfortably hold their new baby!

bubba258 bubba258

Plain old water for the whole family, if we are really dirty, goats milk soap. Funny how people are more concerned about what goes on their skin but happy to put formula and all sorts of packaged and fast foods in their kids bodies. All of which are loaded with harmful chemicals, colours and preservatives.

saralia saralia

We love earth mama angel baby and dr bronners. And a sea salt bath with raw coconut oil is great in the winter for dry skin and eczema.

Simpl... Simply_Janeen

I have to really watch the stuff I get for my girls as they are quite sensitive to soaps. My oldest especially seems to be sensitive to anything with citric acid (which is in pretty much ALL liquid soaps). Younger daughter does well with the Angel Babies stuff (I LOVE the smell!) but my older daughter, even Dr. Bronner's can dry out her skin. It's genetic. My dad could barely bath at all and only use Kurt's Castile soap. I serious, he took fewer baths/showers than there were months in a year because it would dry out his skin so much. My girls seem to have inherited that (not quite as bad though) and even I sometimes have dry skin. So reading some of the suggestions in the comments are helpful because not all of the soaps mentioned work for my girls.

CoolM... CoolMommy86

Wow. This is the kind of society we live in now? I'm pretty educated about these things, but so far my kid hasn't died or contracted a horrible rash from bath products (and yes, I am an avid label reader). I think that there are some kids who ARE seriously sensitive and there are those parents who claim their kid is allergic/sensitive to all kinds of things, but in reality they just don't want to look bad in society's eyes. So they buy all the organic products they can while breaking their bank, and justify their kid being "fine" when there was no problem to begin with. Yes, the gov't has problems with the products it approves and/or distributes, but so do many other countries. Look, I'm not saying organic is bad or anything and I'm not judging anyone here, but there is a fine line between protecting your kid from harmful products vs. going overboard with it. To each their own I say, if your kid does have serious problems then obviously don't buy products that make them worse. But if you just ASSUME your kid will have xyz problem and PRE-EMPTIVELY buy massive amounts of organic (and expensive) products then it's a societal thing.

nonmember avatar Bruce

Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted to find.

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