6 Natural Baby Washes Safe for Sensitive Skin

Jeanne Sager | Nov 20, 2012 Baby
6 Natural Baby Washes Safe for Sensitive Skin

bath timeOnce you finally get past the stage where you're terrified of giving your baby a bath (been there, done that, she survived!), it becomes a lot of fun. What's not to love about splashes and giggles and the intoxicating scent of baby wash? Well, maybe that a ton of the baby washes on the market are full of some truly scary chemicals.

A study done a few years ago found at least two-thirds of the baby bath products tested had either one or both of two seriously toxic nasties: formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. Both of those are considered carcinogens! So what's a concerned parent to do? Start stocking up on safe baby washes.

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Maybe you won't get the scent of a certain famous and extremely popular baby wash, but there are plenty of yummy options out there that are safe for baby too.

That moment after I'd pulled my daughter out of the water and wrapped her in a towel, when I snuggled her close to my body and stuck my face up to drink in the scent of her skin, remains one of my favorite memories. I think every parent deserves that, and safer options are out there to make it happen.

Here are six of our favorites.

Are you using one of these? What's your go-to baby wash?


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  • Loving Naturals Adorable Baby Body Wash


    Image via Loving Naturals

    Made from natural and organic ingredients, this gently-scented baby wash gets high marks from the non-profit watchdog the Environmental Working Group. EWG researchers gave this a "0" in their Skin Deep system. Anything given a number in the 0 to 2 range is considered a low hazard.

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash


    Another two-in-one product that gets good marks from the Environmental Working Group, this wash is guaranteed free of scary chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate, cocoamidylpropyl betaine, Quaternium-15, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

  • Little Twig Tangerine Baby Wash


    Image via Little Twig

    This organic soap is paraben- and sulfate-free, and it's made with no artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. There's vitamin E inside to help their skin, and the tangerine scent is faint but delicious. I should know, this is what I buy for my daughter even now that she's 7! The company also makes an unscented version.

  • California Baby Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash


    Image via California Baby

    I love the smell of the California Baby detangler that I use in my daughter's hair, and the same goes for just about any of their products. They eschew synthetic fragrances in favor of scenting products with aromatherapy quality essential oils. Not to mention it's nice to have a two-in-one product like a shampoo and baby wash when you're dealing with a squirmy baby. This baby wash is one of their best, and they get high marks from the Environmental Working Group to prove it.


  • Aveeno Baby Organic Harvest Foaming Wash and Shampoo


    Image via Drugstore.com

    I'd heard mixed reviews about Aveeno products from moms over the years, but I know they're among the easiest to find on the marketplace -- especially for moms who live in far flung places. This two-in-one wash gets a "1" on the Environmental Working Group's ratings. Considering anything with a 0 to 2 is considered a "low hazard," that's good news! Bonus: it's fragrance-free!

  • Dolphin Organics Shampoo & Body Wash Simply Citrus


    Image via Dolphin Organics

    My daughter took one whiff of a bottle of Dolphin Organics' berry scented shampoo and was over the moon, so I had to look them up. Turns out their baby washes are rated in the low hazard zone by the Environmental Working Group, including this citrus-scented one. Parents will love the fact that this one is even tear-free!

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