Mariah Carey Needs to Grow Up & Change a Diaper

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Mariah Carey Nick CannonMoms, Dads, we can talk all day about how fabulous parenthood is, but there's no escaping diaper duty. Well, unless you're Mariah Carey it seems. Hubby Nick Cannon accidentally let slip to Anderson Cooper recently that Mimi is a bit of a diva when it comes to cleaning twins Monroe's and Moroccan's bottoms.

Not exactly surprising for some people, maybe. But come on! Who's the baby here?

Kids poop. Kids pee. And being a parent means cleaning it up. Period. Well, unless you have a spouse who lets you get away with not pulling your weight that is ...

When Cooper asked Nick who changes the most diapers, he immediately said, "Me." No doubt knowing how bad that sounded, he tried for recovery, adding: "I mean, we all do it, but for some reason, I get that duty a little bit more."

Nice try Nick, but considering he also admitted that the kids "run the house" while his wife is being a "diva" (yes, he used that word), I think it's pretty clear what's going in on that house. Mariah hates diaper duty, and Nick lets her pass the buck ... or the baby, rather. 

What happens in their marriage is none of my business; I get that. In many other ways, Mariah seems like a fun mom. And if this works for Nick, then so be it.

But I can't help pointing out that parents who shirk diaper duty are often in for a rude awakening somewhere down the line. Our kids need us to be there for them through everything, not just the fun vanilla-scented moments.

Maybe you do escape the diapers, but soon your potty training toddler is going to need you to wipe their poop-covered behind. Later it will be your big kid home from school with a tummy bug who throws up in the middle of the night and is so exhausted she rolls in it. And then you have the teenager throwing up after she snuck vodka out of your liquor cabinet.

It never ends.

And the sooner you accept it, the easier it becomes. I am not going to say that you will ever enjoy cleaning up someone's poop. But I can't count on my two hands the number of parents I've talked to who admit that they're significantly less disgusted by their own kid's dirty diaper than they are another child's. Mother Nature does have some sympathy for us.

If you were Nick, would you let Mariah get away with skipping out on diaper duty? Have you had that problem in your house?


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Miche... Michelephant

If she doesn't always to diaper duty but makes up for it elsewhere then it doesnt seem to be a huge issue. A lot of couples I know have dad getting grossed out by changing and mom does most of it.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

lol my in laws made a deal, she got diapers and he got vomit. Yeah kids throw up less often than they pee their pants, however, they throw up their entire lives. I seriously saw xmil turn to xfil, while their dd was vomiting in the kitchen and say "well, a deal's a deal. I'm going to bed." ROTFLMAO

Sirena Robinson

My husband and I have the same sort of deal. I get the poo, he gets the puke. That extends from our daughter to our dogs, and it works out. I have a sympathetic stomach, so if its something or one other than my daughter, I'll end up throwing up too. But it's pretty funny when something happens and one of us is like "Honey, it came out of your end!"

purvi... purvislets

I change 90% of the diapers in our house and no one seems to make a big deal out of that.  My husband can't stomach the dirty diapers so I end up doing it, but he'll pick up the slack in some other area that I don't really want to deal with.  This is only a "story" because it's Mariah Carey.  

Miche... Michelephant

@purvislets- I agree with you but I also think its a 'story' because Mariah Carey isn't conforming with the authors idea of maternal instincts. If an interview said Nick doesn't change diapers as often no one would blink an eye. Because Mariah is a woman she s expected to be supermom. 

nonmember avatar fatal

MeMe is only interested in the attention her kids can get for HER -her jealous obsession with JLo is why she paid the Frankensteins to force out the boy and girl twins-very unnatural and spiteful pregnancy-she is already trying to pimp them out harder than Kris Jenner ever has-and the really sad thing is as soon as they do get attention of their own and not directed at MeMe-she will turn on them like a rabid dog-just wait till Monroe is 12 or 13 and has boys over-there will be drunk pill popping delusional 55 year old MeMe dressed like a stripper-falling out of her get up twirling around singing asking the boys if they think she is pretty or if they know how important she is-come on we have all seen the jealous slluutty druggy old stripper Mom- and the first thing these self entitled self absorbed capital "C"'s don't do is diapers-it's obvious what kind of manipulative jealous childish spiteful mommy dearest Miss Piggy MeMe is going to be-from those nauseating preggo covers she did because she couldn't even wait till they were born to start cashing in-and the website she started because she was furious no Mag would offer her $14 million like Brangelina got-$200,000 was tops and that doesn't even pay for MeMe's bronzer for 6 months-MeMe has NO chance of EVER being called supermom

nonmember avatar JLW

Mariah needs to grow up and be a mother, not a diva. That is why her music SUCKED big time.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Are you as outraged when a dad leaves diapering to the mom? I think not. It's their business how they split parenting duties.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Who actually wants to change diapers? I highly doubt her not changing a million diapers is gonna make her a good or bad mother. I think Nick needs to learn that his 'joking' makes Mariah seem like a horrible person because people don't understand that he is joking. Go look back at a speech Nick gave where he pretty much calls Mariah superwoman (as she was the one taking care of him through all of his health problems and the one taking care of the twins for that time period) And he is constantly talking about how great she is around the house and how much she does for their family. People don't realize that Nick is a silly person and he speaks for laughs. But either way whatever they are doing must be working cause their kids are healthy, and they seem extremely happy. So let them do it how they do it. And in my house I change 95% of the diapers, does that need to change? No, there is more than just changing diapers when it comes to children. That shouldn't define your parenting.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

I loved changing my son's diaper when he was a baby.  After he was cleaned up I'd sing songs, do bicycle legs with him, boop his tummy--he was all soft and naked and I didn't mind a bit, it was such a lovey time for the two of us, his little baby self rolling around on the changing table gurgling and giggling.  My husband's stomach turns easily and mine's made of iron, so it was ok with me that he never changed diapers, since he did a lot of the cooking for us, especially when our baby was a newborn.  However, making diaper-changing time fun backfired, because when I first set my toddler son down on that cold hard potty chair, he looked at me like I'd totally betrayed him.  I had a hell of a time getting him out of diapers.  It was a lot more fun to forgo the potty chair when someone sang songs, tickled you, and booped your tummy.

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