Mom Delivers World's Heaviest Triplets (VIDEO)

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heaviest tripletsBig birthweight babies have a bad rap. Moms hear 12-pound baby, and they cringe. But a set of babies dubbed the world's heaviest triplets have left me appreciating just how lucky some of us are to never have worried about how much our babies weighed.

When Brittany and Jason Deen's three sons came into the world, the doctors added up their three birthweights. Together, they topped the Guinness record of 18 pounds, 11 ounces. Come on, make your guesses!

The triplets weighed a total of 20 pounds. Even!

That means that all three kids weighed in the "normal" birthweight range for singletons! Jenson weighed 5.5 pounds, Elliott weighed 7.3, and Sidney was 7.8.

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Now consider that the average triplet is around 4 pounds.

Those two bigger boys? They are both bigger than my (very healthy) daughter was when she came out. And I remember being so worried about how much my child would weigh. I was worried that a big baby would make me tear (didn't happen), would hurt more ...

And here this woman is LUCKY to have had babies who were considered "big," at least for multiples. Certainly changes my perspective on big babies. How about you?

Check out these cuties:


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Virginia Benemio

I just crossed my legs after reading this article.  WTG Mom and Babies!!  I have 3 boys, but they are all singletons.  My oldest came in at 9lbs 4oz.  I couldn't walk for a week!

Megan Brown

Finally, I come across an article on this site that is just wonderful. No slander, back biting, or out to exploit the one thing it can find. Thank you

I wish this mama and her boys all the best

curly... curlygirl31

The heaviest of my babies was 7lbs 14oz and the last month was hard. This woman is amazing being able to carry 3 babies that are a normal weight i now that i wouldn't make it.

Eva Flores

Congrats to Mom on such an awesome job and such beautiful babies! Way to go!

missy... missybest

Wow!  Great job, mom!  So thrilling all the boys are so healthy and of normal weight!  Must have been tough on mom carrying them, but wow!  Good for her!

Congratulations to mom and dad!

bluec... bluecandi

Great job mama!!!

Felip... FelipesMom

great news! good luck mama! learn and grow, little tigers! :o)

nonmember avatar Geri (from FL)

First off CONGRATS to the couple on 3 healthy babies!!! I know how hard it is to do. Unfortunately the ‘news’ feeds/papers should do some ‘research’ before declaring things like ‘Worlds Heaviest Triplets’, as this is not the case. I had Triplet boys (no fertility) and had 3 boys already in 1995. They were 8 lbs 10 oz, 7 lbs 12 oz, and 7 lbs 1/4 oz for a combined weight of 23 lbs 6 1/4 oz. One of my older sons was very interested in the Guiness book and found no Triplets listed, but Twins and Quads were, so we wrote a letter. We got a very nice official-looking letter back from Guiness book stating that we had come close, but they had one on record of 24 lbs combined weight that chose not to be published. You would think the ‘research’ would have been done, but again a BIG CONGRATS to the family on 3 Healthy Boys!!!

Amber Starr

Wow those are some big babies I have 5 kids baby 1 weighed 6lbs 12oz baby 2 weighed 7lbs 15oz baby 3 born 37 weeks weighed 7lbs 1 oz baby 4 also 37 weeks weighed 7lbs 2oz baby 5 weighed 8lbs 13oz I couldn't imagine having a baby bigger than my last. Kudos to this momma with tripletts

Felicia Upchurch Hunter

This writer is an idiot. She didn't want to have a bigger baby because she didnt want to tear? That's a little selfish. My second baby was born at 39 weeks weighing 9lbs 6ozs. I tore pretty bad but it was worth it. My baby came out big and healthy. But kudos to this mom! I'm sure it's a big relief to her

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