Gift Guide, Baby: Musical Munchkin

What to get the Musical Munchkin?

My baby loves music—she loves to dance, she loves to sing, and she loves to play the piano with her feet. If you know a little future Beethoven or Elvis, you might consider getting him some of these musical gifts. He'll sing with glee.

Product: Little First Act Discovery Shake n' Stack Instruments

Cost: $12.99

Where to Buy: First Act Discovery

Extras: The toy is great for hand-eye coordination as well as musical fun.

Why I Love It: These stackable musical instruments include a maraca and tambourine. Your baby can stack, grasp, shake and jiggle to learn about different musical sounds. I'm tempted to break mine out before Christmas!


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Product: Fisher-Price Little Superstar Sing-Along Stage

Cost: $39.99

Where to Buy:

Extras: Assembly is required; needs three AA batteries, which are included. Toy comes with lyric cards in case you don't know the words to the songs.

Why I Love It: This toy features instruments—guitar, keyboard, drum, and trumpet—that your baby will hear play when she touches them or waves the magic microphone (it's really a rattle). It plays five different songs. Young Miley Cyrus-wannabes will love listening to the music and watching the lights blink. Older babies can experiment with the sounds the instruments make and create their own songs. It's such a great way to introduce your little one to instruments.

ABC singalong book

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Product: ABC Sing-Along

Cost: $9.97

Where to Buy:

Extras: The book comes with a CD of all the songs; please note this book is available online only (not in Walmart stores).

Why I Love It: A friend gave it to me at my baby shower, I started reading it and listening to the CD when my baby was about 3 months old. Each letter of the alphabet has its own song, which you sing to the tune of a children’s classic (Twinkle Twinkle, Yankee Doodle, Do Your Ears Hang Low). The book has great illustrations, flaps, and touch-and-feel images. If you don't know a tune, you can always listen to the CD.

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