7 Freaky Dolls That Are WAY More Extreme Than the Breastfeeding Doll

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Have you seen that breastfeeding doll that's causing all sorts of controversy online? Some moms are freaked by it, some love it. As Stir writer Adriana pointed out, the biggest shocker about it might be the sticker price ($89!), but if you thought that doll was a little extreme, do I ever have a roundup for YOU.

I have to admit, I'm a little prejudiced against dolls -- my boys don't play with them, my own childhood obsessions revolved around Breyer horses, and I just ... well, I just think they're kind of creepy. However, I set aside my mild phobia long enough to collect a few dolls that I think even the most ardent collector would think twice about.

Check out this list of 7 of the weirdest dolls that have EVER been created.



I don't know the story behind this doll, but I do know it's profoundly disturbing. Try moving around in front of your computer screen right now -- yeah, it's totally watching you.

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Oddity Central

These dolls were apparently popular items in 19th century Japan. They were originally created to teach midwives about giving birth, but I imagine they doubled as a lovely mantelpiece.


You Can Shave the Baby -- but should you? I think it's the ginger tufts erupting from baby's pubic region that really make this doll something special.

Ashton Drake

Everything about these "So Truly Real" dolls gives me the willies, but this one is especially scary: it "responds to your touch by curling her little fingers around your finger in an amazingly realistic way!" In my nightmares, this happens around 2 AM. And it's not so much "your finger" as it is "your neck."


Baby Alive "Whoopsie Doo" Doll eats, pees, AND poops. Adorable! But don't get too excited about all those amazing accessories that are included: it is "recommended that the Apple Doll Juice that comes with Whoopsie Doo only be drunken by the doll." (DRUNKEN.)

Here's a thrilling video of the, ah, Hot Pooping Action:



If a pooping doll is too much for you, perhaps a farting doll is more your speed? Here's the (totally deranged) commercial:


Extreme Crafting

This doll is called "The Pusher." But can you shave her? She looks like she needs a little sprucing up around the old triangle topiary, is all I'm saying.

What do you think -- would you own any of these dolls?

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tuffy... tuffymama

A few of those dolls are Japanese, and we know Japanese people like crazy stuff. They pride themselves on it and celebrate it lol. That knit doll is made by a hippie and hippies don't shave. That midwife instructional aid was never intended to be a mantel decor item, I assure you. None of these dolls freak me out, but I do question the sanity and motives of the creators of a few of them. The only doll that creeps me? The new, lifelike preemie dill that's hitting the market. I can see it being given away at hospitals to older siblings of preemie babies or something, but it isn't. Its realism-to-the-point-of-fetishism is shocking and morbid, and begs the question, WHY was this made?

Megan Lee

That last doll is terrifying

Lizzy... Lizzys_mommy13

Most of those dolls are just... weird. As for the baby alive doll, my bff and I both loved those as kids. lol My daughter now wants one. She has been on a baby kick since I got pregnant. 

Samantha Johnson

am i crazy? are there only 6 dolls listed?

mmtos... mmtosam06

I counted 6 as well 

kysma... kysmama08

Shave the baby? Wth kind of baby would you shave and what's up with the patches of hair on the back of the legs and back?

Linda Sharps

Alert readers, you were correct -- it was a copy/paste error on my part. The 7th dream-haunting creature is in there now.

Donna Plumley Brubach

I believe I could have gone the rest of my life happily not ever having seen any of these.  And the parents of the girls with the pooping doll?  WTF people....weirdos.


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