5 Nursing Bras That Will Make You Feel More (Sex) Kitten Than Cow

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Nov 13, 2012 Baby

nursing braLet's face it: Nursing bras -- and nursing tops in general -- aren't the sexiest things on earth. They're big, bulky, and often resemble sports bras more than the lacy things we were used to pre-baby. They don't exactly scream "sex kitten." And while we don't need to be screaming sex kitten post-baby, looking pretty is always a plus. So here are 5 nursing bras that are actually super sexy.

Image via Bare Necessities

  • HOTmilk Awakened By Her Desire Nursing Bra


    Yes, it's a mouthful, but so what? This bra is adorable! And it's touted as being as comfortable as it is cute.

    Price: $46.99

  • Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra


    Of course it doesn't hurt that the woman modeling it is stunning, but it really is a gorgeous nursing bra. It comes in both nude and black.

    Price: $66

  • Sexy Lace Nursing Bra by QT Intimates


    Love the pink peeking out in this one -- the perfect playful detail in this black, lacy number. But moreover, love the price.

    Price: $24

  • Sexy T-Shirt Nursing Bra


    This bra is amazing. Not only is it incredibly sexy -- it's completely toxin-free, and it can be converted into a non-nursing bra. And seriously, who would want to give this number up after you stop nursing?

    Price: $68

  • Anita Cherry Blush Wire-Free Nursing Bra


    Seriously, any bra -- nursing or otherwise -- that has a cute little bow in the middle is alright with me. And love the color.

    Price: $58


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