Babies Don't Need Spoiling on Their Very First Christmas

baby's first christmasReally, there's no arguing about it: When you become a mom, you look forward to holidays even more. It's an opportunity to redo your childhood -- from the other side. Now you're the person behind the curtain. You're the one who manufactures the squeals and smiles and memorable traditions. Dressing your kid up on Halloween? Um, yes, please. Bouncing your son or daughter on your lap as you ooh and ahh over fireworks on the Fourth of July? Of course! And needless to say, Christmas. Ah, Christmas. The mother of all holidays, if you celebrate it. Finally, you get to "be" Santa. Finally, you get to buy that "Baby's First Christmas" ornament you've been eyeing for so many years. And finally, you get to spoil the everliving crap out of your offspring.

Or not.

My daughter will be 8 months old come Christmas. And, as I think it goes without saying, I'm more excited than ever for the holiday. I try to imagine the look on her face when she sees a lit-up tree for the first time. I wonder if she'll cry when she lays eyes on "Santa." And the thought of putting her to sleep at night -- in holiday-themed PJ's, obviously -- and setting out gifts for her to "open" the following morning truly does make me all warm and fuzzy inside. It's a completely justifiable excuse to buy her outfits I think she'll look adorable in; books she'll love to gnaw on; and toys I'd otherwise consider to be too pricey to buy "just because." I've loved shopping for friends' and relatives' babies all these years, and now, finally, it's my turn to shower my baby with a boatload o' gifts!

Except I'm not going to. Because my baby, like most babies, would rather eat the wrapping paper.

Babies really don't know what's going on on their first Christmas, do they? Sure, they sense that there's an excitement in the air, what with all the people around, and the scary bearded man trying to hold them, but at the end of the day, I think we all know that our little ones -- on their first holiday -- really could care less about their gifts. Give them an empty box, and they're in heaven.

So, this year -- on my daughter's first Christmas -- there will not be a crane lowering presents into our living room for her. Sure, I'll buy her a few memorable things, but no need to go crazy. Like I said, she'll really have no clue what's happening.

And besides, isn't that what grandparents and aunts are for?

Did you buy your kids gifts when they were just babies, and could they really tell the difference?


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lasombrs lasombrs

Mine got a bunch of clothes since they were out growing them like wild fire but not much in the way of toys. There was not much new they could use at the time that they didnt get as they hit milestones and could use anyway

vickiw89 vickiw89

This is our lil boys first Christmas - he will be 1 1/2 weeks shy of his first biirthday and we are spoiling him rotten. Mind you we were told we couldn't have kids and it took us 3 years to concieve him (naturally) and then hes overcome a potential life threatening condition and have had 2 operations and more than likely one more before christmas!

Misty... Misty.Dawn

my son was 2.5 months at his first christmas. Just bcus i wanted to have presents under the tree (my husband & i decided we didnt really have the money to get each other gifts) we got his things like batteries for his many music playing things & his swing, baby wash, things he would need anyways...we just wrapped them & put them under the tree bcus i didnt want it to be empty. It was completely for myself though. Of course, he had no idea what was going on

elasmimi elasmimi

A lot depends on when they were born. A January baby will enjoy more than a 1 month old November baby.

nonmember avatar Samantha

My daughters first christas she was only 3 months old, we just wore christmas jammies & spent some quality time together listening to music. Family didnt do anything that year, so we just spent it alone. Last year she was 15 months, & i went crazy & spoiled her rotten bc i felt guilty for not having much money her first year of life. She didnt play with half of the crap i got her, shes just now at 2 getting interested. Lol. This year i still went a little too far.. Its hard not to spoil her horribly.. But its less than last yr by about 50 bucks. Its an improvement. Lol

cassi... cassie_kellison

My first son was only 2 months old on his first Christmas, I think he got some clothes ad a teething ring. My second son will be 6 months, so he will get some clothes and an age appropriate toy that he would have gotten at this age wether it was a holiday or not.

godde... goddess99

Of course I did lol. And so did Grandma, and great grandma and grandpa. My dd was 5 months old.

nv2507 nv2507

My son was only 6 weeks old for his first Christmas. But my brother was 7 and still believed in Santa. So Santa couldn't forget the new little guy. But Santa only brings you a single present so that is all he got from us. 

Lydia C Bravo

My baby girl will be 2 to 3 weeks old. I will probably just wrap up some things she will need anyway as more of a show that she got presents for Christmas. Her older sister who is 5 will be enjoying all the fun! She was less than 2 months old her first Christmas and we did about the same thing, just things she needed mostly.

spark... sparkina13

My son will be only 1 week old this Christmas, but we still plan on putting a few things under the tree for him. We have  a 5 year old son who questions everything, so if Santa doesn't leave his new baby brother any presents he will wonder why. lol We plan on getting things we need for the baby though... diapers, clothes, and maybe a toy or two.

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