Exclusive Poll: Anti-Vax Parents’ Paranoia Puts Everyone at Risk

For many moms and dads, the choice of whether or not to vaccinate is a complicated one. It shouldn't be. But the fact is some flawed scientific studies and a lot of paranoia have led to fewer parents vaccinating. And these people aren't necessarily who you would think.

A joint survey between CafeMom and Parade revealed the views of many parents when it comes to vaccination, and there were some big surprises. For instance, only 47 percent of our respondents claimed they follow their pediatrician's advice all the time and another 43 percent said they only trust their pediatrician a little or not at all.

That's pretty stunning when you think about it. How can you possibly work with a pediatrician you don't trust? Is this paranoia? Or are these parents right? See some comments from the survey below:

Immunizations are a guaranteed, serious source of income to Big Pharma. and every doctor. Immunizations prevent our children from developing a strong immune system. Childhood diseases are no more than an 'inconvenience' because there isn't a parent in the home! When mercury is used as an ingred. of vaccines, how much concern was there for the 'health' of our people/children? School districts have no right to even weigh in on immunizations, their job is to educate.

That they have to look at the big picture, that not vaccinated doesn't just involve their children but the 32,661,022 entire community. There is no reason why healthy kids should not be vaccinated when there are babies, children and adults with uncompromised immune systems that depend on herd immunity!

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Clearly, people are very, very mixed on vaccination. But they need to get over it. Really. They do. Every child that isn't vaccinated is a risk to another child who may have some kind of physical reason why they either cannot be vaccinated or cannot develop immunity. The less people who vaccinate, the more likely we are to have eradicated diseases come back.

Obviously we don't have to follow every bit of information our pediatricians give, but the fact is they have our child's best interests at heart. And if you think they don't? You need a new one who does. All of this is based on flawed science. There is more.

According to our survey, people are divided 50/50 as to whether the states should allow parents with "philosophical reasons" to not vaccinate. As of now, only 19 states offer that as an option while all allow for religious or health reasons. Another 53 percent of our respondents felt that children who are unvaccinated should NOT be allowed in public schools.

They have good reason for these concerns. "Herd immunity" -- the immunity that develops for an entire group of people -- is compromised by the segment of the population refusing to vaccinate. If they had REAL scientific evidence, it might be one thing. But they don't. It's fear. It's paranoia. And it's hurting us all.

There isn't a mother alive who isn't sympathetic to the idea of worrying about what we put in our kid's bodies. We all know that fear and worry and we all have it. But to compromise all children for a bit of wacky "science" that has no basis in reality is downright wrong.

I agree with the majority of our survey-takers that children who don't vaccinate shouldn't be allowed in the public schools unless they have some kind of very specific reason. It's just too risky to younger siblings, adults, and those with compromised immunity.

Choosing to not vaccinate is playing with fire. If you don't trust your pediatrician, get a new one!

Do you vaccinate? Do you want kids who don't vaccinate in public schools?


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Erin Kull

If a parent doesn't trust a pediatrician...why are they allowing that doctor to care for their baby?  Seriously...if you didn't trust a daycare would you let your child stay there?  No you wouldn't.  Seems pretty hypocritical to have a doctor for your baby but then talk crap about that doctor's advice.   My doctor refuses to treat children who are not vaccinated.  But since I am for vaccinations this isn't a problem for me.  I trust my doctor.

abifasc abifasc

Our decision to not vaccinate is not based at ALL on paranoia and "flawed scientific studies". We did our research for years and there is a LOT of evidence to back up the fact that vaccines can cause mental injury in many forms if the child is genetically predestined to it. Each and every parent should do extensive research on vaccines and make the decision based on what is best for their individual child. To us, vaccinating would put our children at a HUGE risk and I'm proud that we're doing what's very obviously best for our family. Blindly following along with any popular idea when it comes to parenting is always dangerous. Each and every decision should be considered very carefully - medical care being one of the most important decisions.

miche... micheledo

What do you do when the pediatrician doesn't vax his own children and completely supports your decision to not vax?

Should we get rid of all doctors who don't vax there own children and encourage parents who don't vax?


puasa... puasaurusrex

This ought to be good....

I do vaccinate, but I believe that it is every parent's choice on whether or not they do. Who am I to demand that a child shouldn't be allowed a free education simply because their parents have different beliefs than mine? If you're confident in *your* choice in vaccinating, then why are you fearful of children who aren't?

gotgr... gotgrandkids

It's not even a matter of trusting your doctor, read the studies!  We have virtually wiped out polio, smallpox, and other diseases that a century ago killed or crippled a lot of people.  The whole "immunizations cause autism" was a hoax by an English doctor who lost his license.  So, now what? The return of polio? smallpox?  Welcome to the twenty-first century, where children were  lost by people who refused to educate themselves.

Karla C. Mulrenan

I'm not anti-vax at all but I am very pro- selective/ delayed vaccinating. I agree that we need to allow our children to develop their own imminune system and not be dependent on medications/vaccines and anti-biotics all the time. It doest help the body and in some cases the bacteria or viruses become immuned themselves of Meds and mutate to become stronger bacteria/ viruses. So its not really helping anyone. I understand vaccinations are important but I also believe that our own immune system is important not only for us but for our evolutionary path. My aproach is to breastfeed, good nutrition and delay vaccines until school age. There is something not right about a baby having more than 20 vaccines before age one. This is my anecdote, my son is still unvaxed and hasnt been sick since birth. I'm doing something right, right? His time will come. He'll be vax just not now.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

Did you know that the only reason the second MMR is given? Between 2% and 5% of people do not develop measles immunity after the first dose of vaccine.

So we are recommending vaccinating 100% of kids becase 2-5% don't develop immunity to 1/3 of the vaccination.

Please tell me how that makes sense?

miche... micheledo

I wish the real questions would be addressed by the media and health services.

Why are we vaccinating all infants for Heb B (they aren't having sex or doing drugs)?  Why are we putting SO many chemicals into a tiny infants body when doctors won't even give antibiotics to a newborn?  Why is there such a rush to give the vast number of shots?  Why are we vaccinating against chicken pox?  Why, after introducing the vaccine for chicken pox are SO MANY young people reporting cases of shingles?  Could there be a connection?  Why is it recommended that a pregnant women get shots when the manufacturers of the vaccines say it is better for pregnant women NOT to get them?

. . . .continued below.

miche... micheledo

. . .

I wouldn't have questioned vaccines if they hadn't have started giving the Heb B to infants and also the rota virus shot. My son had rota virus and my doctor told me that a vaccine would soon be available. Though he didn't see why, since the rota virus is usually only deadly because of dehydration - and in our country we have ways to take care of that. Third world countries don't, so many babies die from it. And yet, now my doctor hands out the vaccine on schedule, right along with the others. Why would he question it and then one year later just blindly start handing it out? If it wasn't necessary a year ago, why is it now necessary?

Stop focusing on autism as the reason so many "stupid" parents refuse vaccines. Find out what the concers are and then address those issues.

TMK919 TMK919

We opted to Vax on schedule. I was leaning more towards delaying, but my husband is a professional fire fighter/EMT. I was nervous of him bringing something home, so we vaxed on schedule.

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