Exclusive Poll: Anti-Vax Parents’ Paranoia Puts Everyone at Risk

For many moms and dads, the choice of whether or not to vaccinate is a complicated one. It shouldn't be. But the fact is some flawed scientific studies and a lot of paranoia have led to fewer parents vaccinating. And these people aren't necessarily who you would think.

A joint survey between CafeMom and Parade revealed the views of many parents when it comes to vaccination, and there were some big surprises. For instance, only 47 percent of our respondents claimed they follow their pediatrician's advice all the time and another 43 percent said they only trust their pediatrician a little or not at all.

That's pretty stunning when you think about it. How can you possibly work with a pediatrician you don't trust? Is this paranoia? Or are these parents right? See some comments from the survey below:

Immunizations are a guaranteed, serious source of income to Big Pharma. and every doctor. Immunizations prevent our children from developing a strong immune system. Childhood diseases are no more than an 'inconvenience' because there isn't a parent in the home! When mercury is used as an ingred. of vaccines, how much concern was there for the 'health' of our people/children? School districts have no right to even weigh in on immunizations, their job is to educate.

That they have to look at the big picture, that not vaccinated doesn't just involve their children but the 32,661,022 entire community. There is no reason why healthy kids should not be vaccinated when there are babies, children and adults with uncompromised immune systems that depend on herd immunity!

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Clearly, people are very, very mixed on vaccination. But they need to get over it. Really. They do. Every child that isn't vaccinated is a risk to another child who may have some kind of physical reason why they either cannot be vaccinated or cannot develop immunity. The less people who vaccinate, the more likely we are to have eradicated diseases come back.

Obviously we don't have to follow every bit of information our pediatricians give, but the fact is they have our child's best interests at heart. And if you think they don't? You need a new one who does. All of this is based on flawed science. There is more.

According to our survey, people are divided 50/50 as to whether the states should allow parents with "philosophical reasons" to not vaccinate. As of now, only 19 states offer that as an option while all allow for religious or health reasons. Another 53 percent of our respondents felt that children who are unvaccinated should NOT be allowed in public schools.

They have good reason for these concerns. "Herd immunity" -- the immunity that develops for an entire group of people -- is compromised by the segment of the population refusing to vaccinate. If they had REAL scientific evidence, it might be one thing. But they don't. It's fear. It's paranoia. And it's hurting us all.

There isn't a mother alive who isn't sympathetic to the idea of worrying about what we put in our kid's bodies. We all know that fear and worry and we all have it. But to compromise all children for a bit of wacky "science" that has no basis in reality is downright wrong.

I agree with the majority of our survey-takers that children who don't vaccinate shouldn't be allowed in the public schools unless they have some kind of very specific reason. It's just too risky to younger siblings, adults, and those with compromised immunity.

Choosing to not vaccinate is playing with fire. If you don't trust your pediatrician, get a new one!

Do you vaccinate? Do you want kids who don't vaccinate in public schools?


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doodl... doodlebut

Thank you Florida mom! I'm so tired of people thinking autism is the reason people don't vax. I won't say if I vaxed my kids or not, that's no one else's concern.

amazz... amazzonia

I'm ok with polio and tetanus, I saw what those disease can do and therefore I vaccine...but chickenpox? we all had that, and is nothing more than an itchy kind of flu, the flu, seriously the flu? when I was a kid it was an excuse not to go to school, for a week lol....mmr? I had measles, my husband had mumps we both had rubella and we are all here to tell about it. I totally get some vaccines, even if the diseases had become rare, but others, you can't tell me that it's only a speculation to make more money

amazz... amazzonia

and why should you give hepatitis b vaccine if the mother of the child is not an addicted slut, nursing the baby????

Virid... ViridianSoul

I'm with Floridamom on this one, too. You'd be chirping a different tune if it were your child that was harmed or killed by vaccines.

My own cousin was given a "bad batch" of polio vaccine, and he went from being a perfectly healthy, walking and running toddler to being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. My son's pediatrician? He totally blew me off, saying that it's "statistically improbable" for such a thing to happen in this day and age. Needless to say, I found myself another ped.

Yes, it actually happens. And I won't take the risk on something like this happening to my children, like it already has in my family.

nonmember avatar Mel

It is required by law for a child/teen to be in school from 5/6 to 16. Will un-vaxed children be exempt from that law? Is the government going to open up schools just for the un-vaxed? Home or private schooling is not an option for all families. What happens to them?

And why is does this debate more often than not focus on children? Should un-vaxed adults be unable to get jobs? Should we start completely separating the vaxed from the un-vaxed? Should we start asking everyone we run into if they are up to date on their vax schedule? What other freedoms do we start to take away?

Blues... Blueshark77

It's not an easy answer because there is so much misinformation to get through. I will be vaccinating my kids though. Because we live in a first class country where many diseases are rare now it might not seem important to vaccinate, but it wasn't long ago when these diseases were killing large amounts of people, and still are in poorer countries. My boyfriend works in hospitals and even though he's vaccinated he could still be carrying germs that I would want our baby to be protected from. There haven't been any vaccination injuries in my family or anyone I know. 

emmy526 emmy526

what sparks MORE paranoia is mainstream media articles like this...it's more like, choosing to vaccinate is like choosing to play with fire, is what is should say at the end of the article...it is very misleading, biased and pharma paid heavily to assist in this debacle.  

miche... micheledo

Viridiansoul - the CDC's OWN website says that there have been NO cases of wild polio since 1970!  That means ANY case of polio since then is BECAUSE of the vaccine.  They can actually trace it, and polio caused by the vaccine has a different genetic makeup then wild polio. 

Even overseas - giving the polio vaccination often causes an outbreak of polio.

It's too bad the doctor wouldn't listen to you.  :(

nicki... nicki.hemingway

Our decesion not to vax was based on years of research not some fearmongering peditrician and yes I have changed Drs if I did not trust them.  Do I trust drs by and large, no.  That's why i choose to go to the dr we current do since we do trust them.  I feel that this article is yet another drama mongering stir article.  I'd love to see a balance approach.  Really if you want to do pro vaccine article great, but also let those of us educated on non-vaccinating write too.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

I trust very few doctors. I do trust ours. And he completely supports our decision not to vaccinate any longer. What's more, even if we asked, there are certain vaccines he would not give our two oldest.

I've seen the effects of vaccines firsthand. And it was not nice. I am not continuing that. Although most of the side effects they suffered have stopped, I still see the effects every time an illness comes into our household. Those poor boys (the children who were vaccinated in infancy) have such a harder time fighting it. Even though their sisters are much younger. If an illness lasts my sons 3 days, my daughters will have it licked in a day. Or sometimes just an afternoon. If the girls are sick for more than a day, we're looking at a week for the boys. The vaccines simply devastated their immune systems. Even though it's been years since they had a shot.

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