Exclusive Poll: Anti-Vax Parents’ Paranoia Puts Everyone at Risk

For many moms and dads, the choice of whether or not to vaccinate is a complicated one. It shouldn't be. But the fact is some flawed scientific studies and a lot of paranoia have led to fewer parents vaccinating. And these people aren't necessarily who you would think.

A joint survey between CafeMom and Parade revealed the views of many parents when it comes to vaccination, and there were some big surprises. For instance, only 47 percent of our respondents claimed they follow their pediatrician's advice all the time and another 43 percent said they only trust their pediatrician a little or not at all.

That's pretty stunning when you think about it. How can you possibly work with a pediatrician you don't trust? Is this paranoia? Or are these parents right? See some comments from the survey below:

Immunizations are a guaranteed, serious source of income to Big Pharma. and every doctor. Immunizations prevent our children from developing a strong immune system. Childhood diseases are no more than an 'inconvenience' because there isn't a parent in the home! When mercury is used as an ingred. of vaccines, how much concern was there for the 'health' of our people/children? School districts have no right to even weigh in on immunizations, their job is to educate.

That they have to look at the big picture, that not vaccinated doesn't just involve their children but the 32,661,022 entire community. There is no reason why healthy kids should not be vaccinated when there are babies, children and adults with uncompromised immune systems that depend on herd immunity!

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Clearly, people are very, very mixed on vaccination. But they need to get over it. Really. They do. Every child that isn't vaccinated is a risk to another child who may have some kind of physical reason why they either cannot be vaccinated or cannot develop immunity. The less people who vaccinate, the more likely we are to have eradicated diseases come back.

Obviously we don't have to follow every bit of information our pediatricians give, but the fact is they have our child's best interests at heart. And if you think they don't? You need a new one who does. All of this is based on flawed science. There is more.

According to our survey, people are divided 50/50 as to whether the states should allow parents with "philosophical reasons" to not vaccinate. As of now, only 19 states offer that as an option while all allow for religious or health reasons. Another 53 percent of our respondents felt that children who are unvaccinated should NOT be allowed in public schools.

They have good reason for these concerns. "Herd immunity" -- the immunity that develops for an entire group of people -- is compromised by the segment of the population refusing to vaccinate. If they had REAL scientific evidence, it might be one thing. But they don't. It's fear. It's paranoia. And it's hurting us all.

There isn't a mother alive who isn't sympathetic to the idea of worrying about what we put in our kid's bodies. We all know that fear and worry and we all have it. But to compromise all children for a bit of wacky "science" that has no basis in reality is downright wrong.

I agree with the majority of our survey-takers that children who don't vaccinate shouldn't be allowed in the public schools unless they have some kind of very specific reason. It's just too risky to younger siblings, adults, and those with compromised immunity.

Choosing to not vaccinate is playing with fire. If you don't trust your pediatrician, get a new one!

Do you vaccinate? Do you want kids who don't vaccinate in public schools?


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Shock... Shockerchik

since when do we treat every single kid the same? If I was a teacher, I would know that teaching each kid the same way is not effective...every child is different. Therefore, every childs body is different and you cannot tell me that the same shots are effective for every single child. I would argue that the majority of parents don't even know what the ingredients are in those shots that they are having injected in their childs body. The decision to vax or not vax is up to each parent and their individual child...........ignorance is played out when either party (vax or not vax) doesn't do their research and decides that they will vax "just because they think its what is best" or even "well everyone else is not vaccinating so i won't either"....you have to do your f'in research!! the decision to not vax for my children has nothing to do with paranoia.I refuse to put chemicals in my childs body.I don't put disgusting ingredients in my body-I've never been vaccinated-I fought off the chicken pox with my own immune system-I eat a shit ton of vegetables and healthy foods every single day-I've never even had strept throat and I exercise! If schools choose to not let "non vax children" come into their schools then we also need to make sure we cater to all those special needs childrens who can't be around shellfish, peanuts, and other things that are dangerous...........

quinn007 quinn007

Micheledo, Hep B is not only transmitted through sexual activity.  It can also be transmitted through bodily fluids and blood.  Research also shows the younger you are when you contract Hep B the more severe the long term effects of the disease are and the more likely it will cause pre-mature death, hence why they strongly suggest newborns receive the vaccine immediately and also why most OB's will require their pregnant patients to be tested prior to delivery so they don't pass it on to their child during birth.  Not giving an opinion either way, I just remember asking my doctor why I had to be tested when I was pregnant so thought I'd clarify!

Angie... AngieHayes

Blah, Blah, Blah!!! Just shut up already, it is entirely up to parents to make this decision. Besides, vaccinated kids shouldn't worry, right, they got their vaccinations, they aren't at risk. As for the children who don't have vaccinations because of medical conditions, what is that telling you? If you are even slightly physically unhealthy, you can't have vaccines, so how do parents know if the baby they just had is 100% healthy?

nonmember avatar Ugh

Angie ... why don't YOU shut up? Just because you don't agree, does not mean it's "blah blah blah."

nonmember avatar Katy

I have to disagree with the rota virus comment. We almost lost DD to rota and dehydration all while In the hospital. We vax because I want my children protected. We are delay vaxing with my son due to severe excema that kicks up when we receive to many vaxs at once. And we will no longer recieve flu shot only flu mist bc he broke out in hives due to the preservatives.

Bloom... Bloomie79

So for the last 25 years we've had a federal program, the national vaccine injury compensation program or VICP, because there is no danger to getting vaccines? Just look at how much the government has paid families who sacrificed their children in the name of herd immunity. Your kids, your choice. Doctors are amoung the highest percentage of parents who delay and selectively vaccinate, what does that tell you?

My kids do receive delayed vaccinations but this santimommy piece really gets under my skin. Suggesting that what ever side your on is uneducated and based on junk science is insulting to everyone. Go educate yourself, then make your own decision, last and most importantly don't run around demanding everyone else think the same way as you.


Flori... Floridamom96

Do any of you know what the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund is and why it exists? The government knows that a certain percentage of the population will be maimed or killed by immunizations. They have decided that those who are succeptible to death or injury by genetic predisposition are simply expendable. Herd immunity? We are not a her or animals! We are individual human beings deserving individual consideration in every single decision in our lives, especially medical decisions. As a parent it is YOUR responsibility to tend your child(ren) under all circumstances, including compromised immune systems. That means that it is YOU who needs to make the necessary accommodations to protect and rear your child. I will not fill my children's bodies with medication, immunization, chemical, or disease because you think that's the best course for YOUR kid. How dare you demand that any parent risk their child's life for your child's immunity? And paranoia? Right! Because it isn't paranoia to fear the unvaccinated.

Cayla... CaylaChristine

My "fear" of having my vaccinated child around an unvaccinated child does not come from paranoia. It is a legitimate concern that my daughter, although vaccinated, could acquire and carry a disease that she shows no symptoms of (since she was vaccinated) and in 4 months could bring it home to my newborn who has not yet been vaccinated against it. I really don't understand this whole movement against vaccines, there's a reason deadly diseases of the past have been eradicated. Everything is turning into a conspiracy theory. I've done my research, and while I understand there are special circumstances in which a child CANNOT be vaccinated, for the rest of us I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.

Ken Reibel

"Did you know that the only reason the second MMR is given? Between 2% and 5% of people do not develop measles immunity after the first dose of vaccine."

One field trial found that the seroconversion and clinical protection rates for measles runs about 70% for children vaccinated at 12 months, and 90% for children vaccinated at 15 months of age. 

source:  http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X01002079

nonmember avatar Common.Sense.FT

Okay, so...

When these nitwit parents so insistent on bringing back polio have a) gone to college, b) gone to medical school, c) become pediatricians, and/or d) done actual research for an actual vaccination lab facility that contradicts the VAST MOUNTAIN of evidence saying that vaccination is not only okay but VITAL for the health of the nation....

....Then and only then will I respect any vaccine-fearing person's opinion. Right now, all these parents are endangering the lives of EVERYONE'S children so that they can enjoy p!ssing into the wind.

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