5 Incredibly Annoying Parenting Terms

unhappy kidBefore I became a mom -- no, actually, before I started working at what some refer to as a "mommy blog" -- I was blissfully unaware of parenting terminology. I naively assumed that when you have a baby, you simply become a mom. And when you become a mom, you simply "parent" your child. End of story. Have a nice day. I didn't realize there were all these words and titles for what kind of parent you are and how you choose to raise your little one. I just figured that some parents are similar, and some are different. They're all under the same general umbrella, though: Parents.

Needless to say, I was wrong. Ho-ho-hooo so wrong. There are lots of words to describe how you are/what you're doing. And just between you and me, they can get a little ridiculous. Raise your kid how you want, man; no judging here. But do we really need a (silly) word for every single thing?

Here are 5 annoying parenting terms:


Combo-diapering. The inspiration for this post, and perhaps the silliest of all. I recently overheard someone saying that she "combo-diapers" her child. I deduced (and, fine, Googled) that this meant that she uses both cloth diapers and disposable diapers for her kid. Really? Is it so hard to say, "We use both"?

Attachment parenting. I'm pretty sure all parents are attached to their children, regardless of their parenting philosophies. To say that one specific set is attached is kind of ridiculous -- wouldn't you agree?

Co-sleeping. Why not just say, "I sleep with my baby"? Or, "Baby sleeps in bed with us"? Or, "I love snuggling my little one so much that she stays with us in bed at night"? Fine, "co-sleeping" might be easier. But still, when I first learned of it, I was surprised there was a specific term for it.

Ferberizing. Ugh. Sounds so ... clinical. And it's a term that definitely doesn't seem like it should be associated with babies. If I heard the word "ferberize" before I knew what it meant, I'd probably think it had something to do with lawn care. Or maybe dentistry. 

Helicopter parenting. Again, another word that just doesn't seem to fit with children. I get it that it means they "hover", but seriously? Where did this come from? When did there start being names like this? Who thought of this? And what is laid-back parenting called? Hang-gliding parenting?

What other ridiculous parenting terms have you heard?

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