7 Baby Toys Guaranteed to Drive Parents Crazy

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baby toyConfession time! When my daughter was a baby, it was hard to resist buying her toys. Go ahead and shake your head at what a waste that is because babies are perfectly happy with a bunch of measuring cups, but there it is. Baby toys are hard to resist because they are so darn cute!

But here's the other thing you learn about baby toys as the pile starts building up in your living room, er, baby's nursery. As cute as they are, they are 10 times more annoying.

User GaryDuder lamented in a letter to toy manufacturers on Reddit this week that he's sick and tired of all the toys that play just a snippet of a song before you have to start it all over again.

I feel his pain. My daughter had a toothbrush that would play just a few stanzas of the song from Thomas the Tank Engine over and over and over again. We never got past "shunting trucks and hauling freight." I wouldn't wish the mind-numbing pain of listening to that thing repeat itself on my worst enemy.

So here's a list of baby toys that parents tell The Stir drive them absolutely up the wall. With the holidays coming, maybe it can help a few parents who are tempted to stock up on baby toys from going overboard! 

1. Corn Popper. These have been around for decades, and they seem so cute! That is until baby abandons them in the middle of the floor, and you trip over them.

2. Wooden Animal Puzzles. For awhile during the first year of my daughter's life, I was afraid we had a rodent in our house because in the middle of the night, you'd hear a strange squeaking coming from the playroom. Turns out it was the hamster noise in one of her wooden puzzles. I thought mine was just defective, but now that I've talked to other parents, I know the truth ... these things are HAUNTED!

3. Toy Laptops. All those educational games mean diddly squat when your baby is slamming on the keyboard as hard as she can (and giving you the world's biggest headache!).

4. Anything That Makes Noise When It's Moving. They look absolutely darling on the commercials when the baby is chasing after that noisy monkey (or whatever critter they've decided is cute for kids this year). Just wait until your kid has zero interest, but the darn thing goes off if you so much as breathe in the vicinity of the toy box.

5. Talking Books. Not only will you be treated to the cacophony of sounds as baby bashes on as many buttons as she can get her pudgy little hands on at once, but the batteries in these tend to die awfully quickly ... and they cost a pretty penny to replace (you'll soon learn about not replacing batteries on anything, but that comes in the toddler years).

6. Stuffed Animals. I know, every kid needs these. But every kid does not need 107. Which is about the number you will end up with by the time they are 2. And about 105 of them will be "surface wash only," to which I say what is the point?

7. Kiddie Keyboards. If you think this sounds like a good idea, I have four words for you: What are you, NUTS?

Help save another parent's sanity! What toy has been driving you batty since you bought it for baby?


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Stephanie Zinna

We live far away from all of our family, so my son's grandparents have recorded those storybooks from Hallmark.  Such a great idea, until a 1 1/2 year old sits there and only wants to press the record button over and over and over again, which says, "If you'd like to record, move the switch to the unlock position" (the switch is behind the battery cover).  He will literally sit there for 10 minutes straight pressing that damn button.  Drives me crazy!!

Akash... AkashaGermaine

I had one of those puzzles! It was Winnie the Pooh and Eeorye would just go off randomly in the middle of the night,"thanks for noticing me." Drove me nuts. But I love the baby laptops. Keeps my 13 month old from trying to take mine. They're about the same size.


My inlaws bought dd a corn popper toy for her birthday and I make them keep it at their house...I felt bad about it at first but we have enough toys at home.

cleig... cleigh717

Why don't u just title your article "I hate all toys for small children that have even the slightest potential to annoy me" ever heard of the off button? Most toys do have those.

Betwe... BetweenCourses

I can handle most of them, but would it kill the toy makers to put an OFF switch on then so they don't play when you look at the toybox?

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

Most of these toys don't bother me at all... the only one's I've had issue with so far is two different Elmo toys... that for whatever reason are set five times louder than any other toy in the world. One's an elmo phone and the other was an elmo guitar... I can tune out every other toy... including the corn popper thing and his other elmo toys.

Kathleen D Howard

Some toys don't have off buttons. You just hope the batteries die soon. Some family friends bought our oldest grandson a set of six trucks (one would have been enough consider what he gets from family members)  that make sounds. Half of them don't have off buttons and start making sounds as soon as they are moved! We don' t have them at out house! The noisiest toy we have is a grocery cart with a huge rattle for a front wheel; no batteries needed, but a pain when one child is sleeping.

Miriam Lynn Wright

if anyone here is like us and have waited 26 years for your LAST baby, then you'll understand why noisy toys don't annoy us. now regarding the activity gym....that drives me!! between the same song RED YELLOW AND BLUE!! now add our baby boy leaping up and down at light speed. allwe hear is that song and WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP!!

Megan Fuller

My best friend got my son a toy lawn mower for his 1st birthday the thing plays music but you cant hear it over the stupid balls that spin and pop and make about as much noise as a real lawn mower, now yes I know it is a lawn mower and an outside toy but my son wont leave it out there and if I try he screams and screams till we bring it in I eventually got him to understand he had to leave it outside but it was a long couple of months. Also my Grandfather gave us an activity jumper that makes me want to scream. No dont get walkers theyre dangerous (my son had one never got hurt) but I followed along diligently with my daughter and she loves her bouncing nightmare she will bounce and bounce and bounce and it is the loudest baby thing I have ever heard it is just like BAM BAM BAM BAM I cant stand to leave her in t for any legnth of time without getting an incredible migraine even my 2 yr old son gets annoyed with it

Megan Fuller

Also my kids have like 4 wooden puzzle but I have the exact same one mentioned in this article

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