Mom Suffocates Baby While Breastfeeding, But It Could Have Been Prevented

Not the baby
It's a mother's nightmare come true. A 1-month-old baby boy recently died via suffocation while his mother was breastfeeding him. The 32-year-old new mom had reportedly gone out for a night of drinking, and when she returned to nurse her baby, she fell asleep while doing so. The next morning when she woke up, she saw that her baby's lips were blue (I really don't want to go into further detail of the state of the baby, as it's too disturbing), and she realized her brand new baby had passed away.

Yes, I know what you're thinking.

You shouldn't be going out for a night of drinking when you're breastfeeding, right? I agree. Nonetheless, this is extremely sad.

It's hard to think of anything more horrifying and disturbing -- waking up next to your child who passed away in the middle of the night. I certainly don't want to "lecture" a mom who's going through something awful, or act like I'm the world's greatest mother, but I will say, probably not the best idea to go out imbibing all night -- if this is true -- when you're breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding, as anyone who's tried knows, is hard. Really hard. It's so much more than, "Oh, I'm just going to pop this baby on my boob and feed it." Not only does it hurt (a lot) at first, you have to give up things. And "nights of drinking" are among those things. If you really, really can't do that -- honestly? Switch to formula. At that point, it's what's best. And, please, don't co-sleep if you're wasted.

My heart truly breaks for this poor woman. It's a tragedy in every sense. But the saddest part of all is that this could have been prevented. What a shame.

Did you worry about your baby suffocating when you first started nursing?

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nonmember avatar Lilac

This "mom" And I use the term lightly deserves jail time. Why is it we need a license to drive, have to be a certain age to drink, but any half wit can breed. Even if the baby had not suffocated what intelligent mother does not know alcohol can go into breast milk and poison your baby that way too. Horrible woman and I have no pity for her. Her child's death was completely preventable.

Angie Hayes

Okay, first of all, how in the hell was she able to leave the baby after only 1 month and go out drinking?!?! No one even wants to watch my kids and they are 2 and 3! I am for co-sleeping though, I did it with both my kids and they are still alive and healthy. This lady made a very bad choice and she must have been so wasted.

UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

I have nothing nice to say.

Rhodin Rhodin

How in the world did she even get away from a one month old?  Both of my girls were, quite literally, all up on me at that age.

nonmember avatar Guest

My (very well respected) lactation consultant said light drinking is perfectly fine. So no high and mighty statements about drinking. That being said, getting drunk isn't a good idea no. But co-sleeping has more to do with it than the drinking. If the baby was in his own crib she could t have passed out on him. This isn't to criticize her as much as it is to tell the anti drinking nazis to back off everyone who has a sip of wine.

nonmember avatar amg

First of all breastfeeding is not so hard. It just takes work. Secondly, the woman is not a criminal for allowing herself a night out. How do you know she wasn't at a family members wedding. Then you suggest FORMULA if you want a night away??? What are you even saying? Stop judging!

Christina Mancuso-Henry

While I feel terribly sorry for the poor baby, I do have some sympathy for the mother. We do not know all the details of this woman's life. She could have been incredibly stressed out from being a new mother and needed a little break - a "girl's night out" - which many of you can understand. Perhaps she was even diagnosed with post-partum depression and/or had problems with alcoholism in the past and relasped due to stress. She went out drinking... and then came home and breast fed her child, more than likely because she missed her baby and wanted to bond. "Passed out" is subjective - the article does not state whether the amount of alcohol she consumed resulted in her "passing out" or if she was simply tired and fell asleep. An infant suffocating can happen to anyone who co-sleeps and breastfeeds - not just women who happened to drink beforehand - and I do believe this was a terrible accident.

nonmember avatar nicky

Oh boy, another story about an innebriated mother who "accidentally" kills her baby being looped in with cosleepers and breast feeders. I breastfeed and feel bad for having one glass right after a feed never could I imagine a night out drinking. And look where the mother is from people. They drink, they drink heavily and liquor. Let's move on.

leona24 leona24

That just shows how ignorant the mother was. Some people just don't need to be parents.....

ethan... ethans_momma06

I'm kind of wondering why this headline doesn't read "Drunk mom accidentally suffocates baby".

Obviously, a sad, preventable situation.

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