Grandparents Put Baby in Oven to Teach Dad a Lesson

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baby in ovenOkay, don't freak out; no babies were harmed in the production of this photo. It was the joke of some grandparents who set up this shot of their grandbaby in the oven to make a statement to their nervous son ... and it certainly makes a statement. 

It's all sorts of disturbing at first glance, especially because there have be a few horrific cases involving children and ovens. But this one I honestly find pretty funny -- especially because of why the grandparents took this picture.

According to MSN, it was the first time the new dad had left his little baby, and he was all sorts of nervous, even though he was leaving grandparents in charge. Having raised him (or his wife?) and likely pretty confident in their abilities, grandma and grandpa had a little harmless fun and cooked up this joke to mock his mistrust.

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You can just imagine how shocked the dad was to get it, and I'm sure some people will be outraged. But hopefully dad had a good laugh and realized the baby was in good hands. And side note: how cute is that baby?! You just want to eat those cheeks up ... okay, scratch that in this case, but he is adorable.

It is funny how new parents can be so nervous to leave their children with the very people who raised them. While I'm sure some grandparents get offended that their children don't trust them, I think most just sit back and let us freak out, probably remembering that they did the same thing. I've gotten a few rolled eyes and some echoes of, "yes we've done this before" over the years, but mostly I think my children's grandparents understand our fears of leaving our babies with anyone.

That doesn't mean we can't laugh at our neurotic selves though, and I love that these grandparents had such a great sense of humor about it. It's just too bad someone didn't clean that oven before the picture was taken since it's now going viral.

What do you think about this picture?


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Elise48 Elise48

pupukeawahine, you've got to be kidding. My guess would be the guy sent the grandparents a thousand texts over the course of a 2 hour dinner and at some point they took this picture, sent it with a message like "Son, as you can see the babys is doing well....well done that is. hahaha." and then the son said, "haha I guess I have been blowing up your phone. I know you're taking good care of the baby. I'll try to relax and enjoy my evening."  It wasn't done to "get a rise" it was probably done to get the father to recognize and laugh at his own obsessive behavior. Sometimes we need to poke a little fun at ourselves in order to lighten up. I'm willing to bet this family already has that kind of joking, positive relationship and there was no real shock-factor involved here.

The world is not always a serious place, nor should it be. I'm really glad I'm not in a lot of your families. You're only hurting yourselves and your children by being so humorless and uptight.

Tripl... TripleC14

Hilarious! Some people are seriously uptight. I've seen all sorts of dumb shots of babies taken by their parents solely for entertainment purposes (ie every newborn session with props), this is just more of the same. Lighten up.

nonmember avatar jarroyo

Thats funny right there.. My aunt n uncle did that to me as a baby n sm still alive 28 years late. Ppl need to lightin up.

Trent... TrentonGirl

I would never let them watch my baby again. They could of came up with a better way to pull a joke.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

You guys are nuts the oven isn't on. I stuck my kid in a soup pot once and texted the picture to her dad captioned "Stop at the grocery store and pick up some chicken... or else!" and I in no way planned to eat my child. Plus, I'm going to assume that the grandparents know the dad and his sense of humor pretty well. I wouldn't have texted it to him if it would have upset him, I seriously doubt that the No Fun Nancies on here would ever get a light hearted text. 

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Elsei48:  It's not funny to make jokes about child abuse.  It has nothing to do with my family, nor am I a humorless person, and unlike you, I try very hard to not personally insult those who think differently than I.  Please read the post just before yours.

Nicole Antonia Carson

Um... couldn't they just take the picture on top of the oven? That oven looks filthy and the kid is breathing in that garbage. If I were this kid's dad, I'd hire the pre-teen down the street before I'd have the grandparents watch him again.

Kelly ODonnell- Griffin

People now aday are do freaking nut they lost their funny bone somewhere along the way. It is funny. Kids need to fall out of trees and off the bikes and get hurt it is away for them to learn boundaries in the world so yes let them climb high trees while you watch with fear it will be Ok even if they fall out and you end up at the ER. Be something of a learning lesson freaking whining world we ahve today

Nicole Antonia Carson

Maevelyn's pic sounds funny. In a pot, not in the oven. That's funny. This is kind of scary.

Karis... KarissaMartin

Not funny, at all! I would be completely horrified, and they would never watch my child ever again! Some things just cross the line, and this is one of them. Disturbing.

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