Grandparents Put Baby in Oven to Teach Dad a Lesson

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baby in ovenOkay, don't freak out; no babies were harmed in the production of this photo. It was the joke of some grandparents who set up this shot of their grandbaby in the oven to make a statement to their nervous son ... and it certainly makes a statement. 

It's all sorts of disturbing at first glance, especially because there have be a few horrific cases involving children and ovens. But this one I honestly find pretty funny -- especially because of why the grandparents took this picture.

According to MSN, it was the first time the new dad had left his little baby, and he was all sorts of nervous, even though he was leaving grandparents in charge. Having raised him (or his wife?) and likely pretty confident in their abilities, grandma and grandpa had a little harmless fun and cooked up this joke to mock his mistrust.

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You can just imagine how shocked the dad was to get it, and I'm sure some people will be outraged. But hopefully dad had a good laugh and realized the baby was in good hands. And side note: how cute is that baby?! You just want to eat those cheeks up ... okay, scratch that in this case, but he is adorable.

It is funny how new parents can be so nervous to leave their children with the very people who raised them. While I'm sure some grandparents get offended that their children don't trust them, I think most just sit back and let us freak out, probably remembering that they did the same thing. I've gotten a few rolled eyes and some echoes of, "yes we've done this before" over the years, but mostly I think my children's grandparents understand our fears of leaving our babies with anyone.

That doesn't mean we can't laugh at our neurotic selves though, and I love that these grandparents had such a great sense of humor about it. It's just too bad someone didn't clean that oven before the picture was taken since it's now going viral.

What do you think about this picture?


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pupuk... pupukeawahine

This isn't funny at all.  The whole reason it was done was to get a rise.  I feel for the son.  Do you like being teased?  I don't, and certainly not at the expense of my child.  Did his parents routinely humiliate him as a child?  It would not surprise me.  No wonder he has problems leaving his baby with them.  There is probably a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

nonmember avatar ac

I would be BEYOND pissed! this is such a mean joke- Leaving baby for the first time IS A BIG DEAL- especially for parents who practice attachment parenting, and i would be pissed that they used such an unsafe situation to make fun of my legitimate right to have uneasy feelings about leaving my less than 3 month old child to the care of others. Plus, you do not know the kind of childhood this guy had, so how do you know his nervousness didnt come from his parents doing something whackadoodle? I know if my parents did this, even as a "joke" to me, i would be chosing another sitter, if i chose to leave baby again.Very disrespectful.

tarak... tarakay0417

I would have freaked out but then later I would have laughed.

lilni... lilniki1203

People need to stop being so uptight. You have np idea what kind of family this is and obviously they are jokers just like my family. This is something I could totally see my mother doing (when my son was a few months old because now he's almost a year and would not fit) just to get a rise out of me. I would find it funny because I know my mother would never hurt my child. Yes there are sick people out there but obviously not in this case. Lighten up people and stop being so stuck up. If you have no sense of humor then I doubt you have to worry about your family doing it to you. Like I said before I would have laughed if my mother sent a picture like this to me because I know my mother and how much she loves my son and how much fun she probably would have been having if she had come up with the idea.

birth... birthymom4

That would make a GREAT photo for a baby born just before thanksgiving! They should have thrown some Carrots in next to him!!!


EmmaL... EmmaLovesAlan

I wouldn't make a fuss about it but they would have as little contact as possible with my children. Seems like the mom who put her child in dangerous positions and texted the pics to the baby's father to upset him. I wouldn't like to spend time with people who take advantage of my baby and my feelings for my baby to cause me additional distress. If they have fun doing it, that makes them a bit sadistic, doesn't it? And that's not the kind of people I want to be around with.

leggz... leggz1959

Ok...first I would love to know what the parent's actual response was. 2nd...There IS a blanket under the baby, light is on, door is open and obviously grandparent standing right there (taking pic) he was in there, what, all of 45-60 sec! And Lastly IT WAS A JOKE! Am sure the grandparents knew their kids well enuf to know they could take a joke! Those of u talking about 'bad' grandparents, the parents prob would never leave their child with those grandparents anyway to begin with!

Steen... Steenie2011

I think its harmless fun. People are seriously over-reacting. It's not like the damn oven was on....or the door was shut...

Get over it!!!

Cindy Trinidad

This is not funny!! If that were my child in that picture i will make sure to never ever leave my kid with those grandparents!! i worth have gone crazy!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

When I was in my early twenties there was a case in my state of a mother cooking her baby in her oven.  Imagine my shock when some friends bought said house.  The husband knew, and didn't tell his wife, but told my husband, who told me.  There was to be no mention to the wife.  Imagine how I felt when she served us dinner one night.  This is not funny.

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