Grandparents Put Baby in Oven to Teach Dad a Lesson

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baby in ovenOkay, don't freak out; no babies were harmed in the production of this photo. It was the joke of some grandparents who set up this shot of their grandbaby in the oven to make a statement to their nervous son ... and it certainly makes a statement. 

It's all sorts of disturbing at first glance, especially because there have be a few horrific cases involving children and ovens. But this one I honestly find pretty funny -- especially because of why the grandparents took this picture.

According to MSN, it was the first time the new dad had left his little baby, and he was all sorts of nervous, even though he was leaving grandparents in charge. Having raised him (or his wife?) and likely pretty confident in their abilities, grandma and grandpa had a little harmless fun and cooked up this joke to mock his mistrust.

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You can just imagine how shocked the dad was to get it, and I'm sure some people will be outraged. But hopefully dad had a good laugh and realized the baby was in good hands. And side note: how cute is that baby?! You just want to eat those cheeks up ... okay, scratch that in this case, but he is adorable.

It is funny how new parents can be so nervous to leave their children with the very people who raised them. While I'm sure some grandparents get offended that their children don't trust them, I think most just sit back and let us freak out, probably remembering that they did the same thing. I've gotten a few rolled eyes and some echoes of, "yes we've done this before" over the years, but mostly I think my children's grandparents understand our fears of leaving our babies with anyone.

That doesn't mean we can't laugh at our neurotic selves though, and I love that these grandparents had such a great sense of humor about it. It's just too bad someone didn't clean that oven before the picture was taken since it's now going viral.

What do you think about this picture?


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Dave Pottinger

OMG you'd better watch out what you stir coffee with you never know who's butt the stick have been in. This was a joke and nothing more according to the up tight posters my grandparents would have been locked up, my parents would have been locked up and I would be locked up. For gosh sakes land the helicopter! One time my son threw a fit in the cereal aisle I walked away from him (I did stay where I could see him but he could not see me) I had a woman tell me I was cruel, I did discuss with her the "merits" of her statement  BTW he stopped throwing fits. Again land the helicopter! 


I thought it was pretty cute. Instead of a Thanksgiving Turkey it is a Child to be thankful for. ;D No harm no foul in my book. We plan to get a picture of my dd in a stock pot. I guess I am a horrible mom.

Megan Kozyra

Um, I'd be livid. That's like putting a baby in a coffin as a joke. I wouldn't be able to get that image out of my head. And there is nothing wrong with being a nervous parent. That's what good parents do.

Brandy Smith

the baby wasnt hurt so whats the big deal? he's safe and perfectly fine.

moons... moonshooby

It's amazing how uptight the commentors are!!! It's a harmless, silly and fun picture. If you cut contact with the grandparents over something like that then you obviously didn't have a very good relationship in the first place and the one that will be hurt the most will be the baby.

Teresa Rose Dye

There are pranks and then there are stupid pranks. This falls into the later. This is cruel and totally unacceptable.

Michelle Tanzella Young

Considering what has happened lately with other children, I think this was in very poor taste.  However, if the dad knows that his parents are jokesters, I guess it's okay in this instance.

nonmember avatar chele

Wow..amazing how so many people on here think that this is actually a "cute" picture. You have a messed up way of cuteness! Cute is when you take a picture of a kid next to a family pet, sitting next to a flower garden outside, stuff like that. I have alot of humorous people in my family who do pranks all the time. But considering what kind of messed up world we live in today and the fact that unthinkable killings of innocent children like this happen everyday(which is getting worse)..oh, and looking at this kid's face, he/she is NOT happy.

nonmember avatar Ee

Not funny at all. Just because they raised you, doesn't mean that they are able to watch a baby now. First, they are older and not used to watching a child anymore. A grandparent left my daughter on the changing table to go answer the phone and completely forgot her on it. Thank goodness she was a newborn and couldn't roll over and just fell asleep. She is 2 now, and all four grandparents scoffed at us for using a car seat. They thought that we were crazy, but then again, I used to lay across the back of the car (under the back window) and sit in the floorboards and that was totally normal to them. They also try to give my daughter whole grapes and hard candy, and act like I'm overreacting when they try to do it behind my back.

If I were these parents, I would do what I did with my daughter's grands and just say that we will let them know when we need them to babysit and never call.

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