'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer Reveals Sex of Her Third Baby

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Leah MesserAt just 20, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is about to become a mom for the THIRD time. She is expecting a girl with her husband Jeremy Calvert and says she is in a very different place than the first time when she gave birth to twins Aliannah and Aleeah.

Now she is a grown up, married, and expecting her third baby. And it's another girl. Obviously, this is great news. A healthy baby is always, always, always the goal.

But let's also be serious. I know very few moms of two same sex kids who didn't have the third largely because they wanted the experience of both sexes. On some level, somewhere in her head, she might be slightly disappointed.

Most people don't talk about it and I am sure the comments here will be full of "you should be happy no matter what you get" and "having a sex preference is terrible." But many people do.

I did. I wanted three girls (yes, really). When I found out my second was a boy, I was slightly disappointed. I was scared. I had no idea what to do with a baby of the male persuasion. Now, four years later, I am thrilled with my boy. I feel blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to parent my daughter AND my son. Having one of each actually IS really cool.

As someone who grew up with just a sister, my family was definitely skewed female. My husband grew up with just a brother, so his family skewed male. I can totally understand why people might keep trying and trying just to get that underrepresented sex.

None of this means a third girl is loved any less (come on, now), but it's OK to have a moment or two to regroup and admit a little disappointment. It's not against the law to have a sex preference.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe she wants a family of 10 girls and has no sadness at all. If I were having a third girl, I wouldn't! But most people I know who have a third had the first two genders be the same. They "went for" the third in an attempt to balance the family sexes. There is nothing wrong with that.

Congratulations to Leah either way. Having any healthy baby who is wanted and welcomed into a loving family is a blessing. Good for them!

Did you have all the same gender babies? Did you mind?


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nonmember avatar heather

No way. Have two boys and I'm terrified of having a girl. My mom only wanted girls and got three of them. Growing up with girls, I always knew I wanted only boys and that's what I got!

kdaiuto kdaiuto

We have two girls and are expecting our 3rd baby. Almost every single person we have told has asked, "Hoping for a boy this time, huh?" It is incredibly annoying! We always planned on 3-4 kids, regardless of sex, and I can honestly say we have zero preference on this baby's gender. We love having girls and another would be awesome. It would also be exciting to have a boy and change things up a bit. If anything, my super pragmatic husband wants another girl, because "we already have all the stuff." :P

I'm sure there are plenty of people who do want the opposite gender of what they already have, but I would never assume that to be the case, and it wouldn't even occur to me that someone would be disappointed with what they get.

Kellie Brickhouse-Ridenour

I always wanted a girl. I tried 5 times. I now have 5 boys and I am so glad. The Lord knew I didn't need a girl.My sister had 4 girls and wanted a boy, she did get a boy on her 5th try. I love my nieces and I love all my sons!

tina0... tina08mommy

I have 2 boys and wanted a girl both times. I was sad at first but became happy and i wouldnt trade my boys for anything

sarah... sarahbearry

I had twin boys, but delivered them at 23 weeks, due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. I lost one of my sons after 9 days old. i would love to try again, (in like 5 years... my 1st pregnancy was too traumatic last year) for another boy. but really, as long as i have a healthy baby (or babies) the next time around, i would accept having a girl.

nonmember avatar Lori

I have 4 boys and 4 girls, in varying order, but my last one I really wanted a boy. I cried when they ultrasound tech told me she was a girl. My then youngest was my princess and was treated as such...I couldn't have 2 princesses! LOL, well my youngest is now 2 1/2 and she is not my princess, she is my loving, pain in the rear, candy munching, stuck to me like crazy glue last baby! :)

boyzx4 boyzx4

I really wanted a girl so bad but, ended up with 5 boys lol. I wouldn't tradeit for anything now but, when we found out my 9 month old and last baby was a boy, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. I love my boys, though! A girl would've gotten tackled in my house full of football players lol :)

Melissa Lampkin

With my first child I wanted a baby boy. I grew up with 4 younger sisters, so I was ready to switch it up a little bit. We were blessed with a healthy baby boy. With my second child 2 years later I also wanted a boy. I wanted someone for my older son to play with and it didn't hurt that we already had all of the little boy stuff. After waiting 8 years to have our third and last child we both were really eager to have a baby girl. We were ready to switch it up and the two older boys also wanted a baby sister. We were blessed with our third little boy! I wouldn't change it, would it have been nice to have a girl? Of course, but we are pros now at raising boys so all we wanted was a healthy baby. Were we a little disappointed for a few seconds when we first found out it was another boy? Yeah, but just for a second. Once we learned he was healthy we were just as happy as if we had found out it was a girl. Our 2 boys cried though, they were pretty dissappointed but have since gotten over it and are the best big brothers a boy could ask for.

Arlena Palacios

she's going to be a mom for the second time not third.

Stephanie Machalicky

I have one of each and it is a challenge everyday . They are 5 and 6 . When I found out I was pregnant again it didnt matter if it was a girl or boy as long as it was healthy.

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