Conjoined 8-Month-Old Twin Girls Successfully Separated During Surgery (VIDEO)

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A pair of 8-month-old conjoined twin girls underwent separation surgery yesterday at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and miraculously -- the procedure was a success!

Allison and Amelia Tucker were born attached at the chest, and they shared a liver, diaphragm, and pericardium. Their mother, Shellie Tucker, delivered them via c-section at CHOP when she was 35 weeks along. And as expected, she and her husband were scared about what would happen to their precious babies, but they knew separation surgery was a must -- and they started planning it months before it happened yesterday.

And they are certainly celebrating and breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning, because the lead surgeon on the girls' case, Holly Hedrick, said she expects that "the girls will be able to live full, healthy, and independent lives."

Take a look at this video clip to hear a little more about Allison and Amelia's amazing surgery.

Can you even begin to imagine how happy and thankful their parents are today? Their strength and prayers definitely pulled them through during what had to be the most difficult day in their lives. As parents, all we truly want is for our kids to grow up happy and healthy, and thanks to the amazing surgeons at CHOP, Shellie and her husband will be granted the gift of raising these beautiful twins as little individuals.

What words of encouragement would you offer these brave parents?


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nonmember avatar Angela

I'm wondering how this pregnancy continued. Dont they have tests for these things that show abnormalities? I know the parents are probably happy to have 2 hopefully healthy children but 40 doctors and nurses to possibly help them? The tests taken early in pregnancy should prevent things like this. If you know you are possibily not having a healthy child and then still go through with the pregnancy to me is cruel. Its hard enough for a normal child. To bring one or more into this world knowing they have a percentage of problems is just unnecessary.

Fondue Fondue

The use of the acronym CHOP in an article that references a C-section and separation of conjoined twins makes me cringe a little.

And to Angela:  Spoken like someone who's never known the heartache that can be involved in wanting a child.  May you never be familiar with that pain. 

aeneva aeneva

Oh Angela if only those tests were 100% accurate and never had false positives or negatives.  Just because you feel it wrong to bring a child with a disability into the world does not mean that everyo noe does.  I have two beautiful nieces who are special needs and they are a huge asset to our family.  Yes it is difficult at times to take care of them, but they are worth it.  And for the record one is downs that was NOT picked up during the ultrasound or blood testing etc.  The other one is cerebral pulsy which happens during birth.


I hope these girls are happy and healthy for years to come.

kdaiuto kdaiuto

Some people just don't believe in killing their children.

Raechelle Barber

angela, YOU are the cruel person. children are blessings to a family that is willing and loving and supportive. to say that a child shouldn't live because they aren't the norm is cruel. if the parents (who i am sure knew that they were having conjoined twins) are willing to raise the girls together or have the two seperated, who is anyone to judge them? there is a time and reason for abortion, but as birth-control and to stop a life that isn't what society considers normal is not okay. if it was, i wouldn't have my amazing dd brother.

shesl... shesliketx

Angela- I am pro choice. And so I feel like if someone wants to make that choice, then that should be an option avaliable to them.

HOWEVER, this isn't your business. People are capable of love in so many circumstances, but they are the only ones who can judge what is best for them. How awful of you to say such a thing.

These girls were from an area where my family lived last year, and I couldn't be happier for their family!

nonmember avatar Rebecca

Angela you have no idea what Shellie faced with this pregnancy, or the fact that this wasn't discovered until very late in her pregnancy after already having multiple ultrasounds. Shellie and Greg are amazing parents and agonized over what was going to be best for these girls, and they made the right choice for their family. How dare you say they are cruel for going through with it. You are cruel for mentioning it. These little girls are so strong, and will one day be just as strong as their mom who fought so hard to give them a normal life.

Stephanie Adams

awesome doctors, separating conjoined twins is extremely risky.

Mikes... Mikeswifee85

I wish them all the best!! :)

nonmember avatar Nikki

Angela not all the test are accurate. When I was pregnant the doctors told me that my son had Down syndrome, they urged me to abort the pregnancy, my husband and I decided that we would leave it to god and love him no matter the outcome. Today my Cameron is a 10 year old boy that does not have Down syndrome and is gifted. I look at him so often and think about what a life altering mistake I could of made if I would have just listened to the doctors that tried to push termination of pregnancy on me. I wish this family nothing but the best.

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