A Perfectly Darling Nursery for a Beautiful Baby Girl

Baby 5

Here's a sweet little nursery put together for baby Jane by her mom, Kirsten, who also happens to be a designer! I feel like it's feminine without being overly girly, which can be difficult to do.

Click through below to see a few more pics and tell me what you think!

I really like how this yellow lamp and pink chair pop against the neutral walls.  

It's all in the details don't you think? What a peaceful spot for a babe to sleep! 

Those framed graphic prints are delightfully simple and sweet. Perfect to hang over the crib.  

I like that Kirsten wasn't afraid to mix things up with some more modern fixtures, like this brightly framed print and changing table/dresser from West Elm. 

I am a big fan of rooms that will transition smoothly through different stages, and I think this nursery is hitting it right on target. You can see more pictures and details on Kirsten's blog, 6th Street Design School.

So what do you think -- girly enough for you or missing the mark just a bit?

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Laura Desaulniers Lewis

I thought no one was supposed to be using crib bumpers anymore?

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I love the blind, awesome fabric. Not a fan of frames over the crib, that always makes me nervous. A poster seems safer if less refined.

nonmember avatar SHANNON

I have to say that I dod not like it. I thought it to be very drab and boring. sorry.

nonmember avatar Laura

I didn't think you were supposed to use crib bumpers anymore...?

nonmember avatar kirstin

LOVELY! I love girly, but it is such a hard look to do without being fluffy and cotton candy-ish and too precious. This room, though, is girly perfection. The rocker kills me. Way. to. go.

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