7 Bizarre 'Twilight' Onesies for the Serious Twi-Mom

I'm not a big Twilight  fan and I don't have a baby, but I can easily imagine how the combination of fandom and motherhood can become two great tastes that taste great together. Actually, I don't have to imagine it -- I can sit right here, right now, and revel in the visual glory that is ... the Twilight-themed onesie.


You didn't know there was such a thing? Oh come on, if there's a growing number of Fifty Shades of Grey onesies (OMFG), you KNOW there's quite the selection of Twilight gear for your infant to wear. If you've been wondering how to properly display your eagerness for the upcoming Breaking Dawn 2 release date, I've got just the method for transforming your child into a pint-sized advertising vehicle:



Um, you forgot the apostrophe. Also, you forgot to give your child a non-demented dream for adulthood.


Flossy Stylish Design

What do you mean, you want to be a scientist when you grow up? Young lady, you will reach for the SPARKLES ... er, stars.


Ooh, another typo. This obviously should read, "My mom's vibrator is nicknamed Team Edward."


Right? Goodnight Moon can go fuck itself.


Sure, kid. Keep telling yourself that.


Aw, who's unconditionally and permanently bound to an adult hairy male stranger? YOU are!


Because when a Mommy and a fictional character love each other very very much ...

What do you think of this Twilight baby gear? Would you ever put one of these on your own infant?


Image via Karen Grigoryan/shutterstock

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