85-Year-Old Original Gerber Baby Meets Her New, Adorable Successor (VIDEO)

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Bad news for all of you out there who submitted a photo of your baby into Gerber's search for a new, young face to star in their ad campaign -- you lost. The winner is 8-month-old Mary Jane Montoya of Fresno, California. The adorable little one beat out 300,000 to be the face of the iconic baby brand and earned $50,000, which her parents say is heading straight to her college fund.

Mary Jane and her parents went on the Today show this week and sat down with the original Gerber baby, who's now 85. It was 1927 when Ann Turner Cook was painted by an artist for the Gerber campaign, and believe it or not, she's still got those pinchable chubby cheeks and bright blue eyes. She has, however, aged significantly since, you know, being a baby.

Anyway, it's a really, really cute interview. Mary Jane is adorable and Miss Ann is as charming as her baby photo.

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And hey, here's a tip if you want your child to be the next Gerber baby -- looks like the bigger the cheeks, the better. I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE THEM ALL DAY LONG.


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Have you ever submitted your baby's photo into a competition?


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Miche... Michelephant

That was adorable.  It made my ovaries tingle. 

Mommi... MommietoJB

I think my baby is cuter.lol.

Karla C. Mulrenan

Wow, you havent seen my baby! He's so cute/ hadsome/ pretty I dont have to show him off.... Gerber couldve done better. I know! Im being mean! The girl is cute but not gerber material for me. Senior gerber baby still look cute though!

leoss... leossmartcard

I think Gerber got it wrong, looks like they were only going for chubby cheeks. That baby was not cute at all!

pagan... paganbaby

Yeah...I think they could have done better.

Jessica Bazen Dix

Awee this baby is beautiful :) Of course my baby boy is most of all haha congrats little lady!


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