Show Off Your '50 Shades' Baby in a Christian Grey-Inspired Onesie (PHOTOS)

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50 shades onesieFifty Shades of Grey has definitely taken over the nation in more ways than one, and it's highly doubtful that anyone will be shocked if a baby boom happens as a result of more and more women reading the series.

And since everyone's reading Fifty Shades, there's really no need to be embarrassed when admitting that your precious new bundle of joy is the result of some serious bedroom action that went down nine months ago because the books inspired you to, well -- "get a little closer" to your man.

But instead of simply telling people your child is a Fifty Shades of Grey baby, why not buy your little one a cute Fifty Shades-inspired onesie to wear instead?

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There are plenty of them for sale on Etsy -- and if you aren't brave enough to put one on your baby, they sure make great gifts for your friends who are a bit bolder. (I know a couple gals who would LOVE these things.)

Take a look at these photos to see baby onesies that Christian and Ana would definitely approve of.

Would you dress your baby in one of these onesies?


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nonmember avatar Rach


dirti... dirtiekittie

i'm all for putting your babies in random, funny onesies but this is just ridiculous. please, no.

nonmember avatar Gretta

No. And when is this travesty of a book going to go away.

nonmember avatar Jennifer


nonmember avatar cjsmom

I'm with you Gretta

Lzabi... Lzabierek

I would have my son wear one or two of these! :) I think some of them are so cute!

Karissa Ann Milton

So Cute!! I love the Laters, baby one (:

Hollie Klein

I am a huge fan and do support the 50 shades books and some of these are the laters baby one. Most of then I would not wear on my child, maybe one or two.

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