'Baby Mop' Onesie Puts Your Lazy Infant to Work & Makes Your Floors Sparkle

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baby mop onesieOk, have you seen this new baby onesie with a mop attached to it yet? Yes — I said a baby onesie with a mop attached to it, as in a little suit that your baby can wear so he can practice his crawling skills and mop your floors at the exact same time. (Whaaattt?)

For the bargain price of $34.99, you can order your very own “Baby Mop” from BetterThanPants.com, and turn your lazy baby into a chore-lovin’, floor-moppin’ little worker bee.

The retailer promises the onesie will teach your baby a strong work ethic all while giving him exercise and improving muscle tone, and apparently there are plenty of parents who just can’t resist this thing — because the website shows that inventory is already getting low.

And while most parents will look at this thing and laugh and assume it’s nothing more than a fun joke — if people are snatching these things up, you gotta wonder if there are moms and dads out there who are truly buying into the idea of getting their babies to chip in and do their fair share of the housework. I mean, we spend so much time trying to keep our homes tidy as it is — why not put the little ones to work on the floors so we have more time to do other stuff? (Duh, I’m kidding.)

If anything, the Baby Mop makes for a great photo opportunity for sending out quirky holiday cards this year. I guess maybe it’s safe to assume that’s why parents are so eager to purchase these things?

Would you buy this onesie? Better yet, would you actually use it?

Image via BetterThanPants.com

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Raechelle Barber

either raising hope made fun of this, or they got this idea from raising hope. white trash to the extreme!

Jan Simonds Key-Heystek

Maybe people bought them as Halloween costumes? Otherwise, the only thing they could possibly be used for would be extra padding for crawlers on wood & tile floors. Anyway, dumb idea!

nonmember avatar Samantha

I think its great. I wonder though, is it extra slippery? Dont want more accidents than we already have. And the germ catching has got to be a down side. But hell, they make slippers for this purpose, why not? As long as its not harmful to them, does it really matter? Keeps their nice clothes as nice as they can be at that age, & it helps keep the floor clean. Promising strong work ethic from it is ridiculous, but hell, that is a nice idea. Its not just "trashy" people who would find this idea tempting. Im a daycare provider & a mother of a wiley 2 yr old girl, wish id had something like this when she was little. All them hardwood floors were a b**** to keep up with & her clothes tended to look like crap. Wouldve been a relief to not mop so much.

Shivali Shah

Teaching a work ethic? Come on, manufacturers... that is reaching a bit, don't you think? I would get your money back from your marketing people. though I do think it is hilarious.
to answer your question, though, i would buy it as a gag. honestly, the kids end up sweeping the floor with their clothes anyway...whether there are moppy things attached or not. functionally it is ridiculous, but i agree with mommyologist that it is a wonderful gag outfit.

Peter Clarke

This is what I can say about. I went through this article last month in news or something like that and it was really criticized one, because this is either make you laugh or bring you in a state of tension. Since baby mop was thought of to be as a baby product from a spoof advertising in Japan. The company owner has the views good that these are all right for the baby child and will work too good. But what I think that how they have thought that the baby would do such multiple work. Of course in one case this is possible and that is when the baby is eating something and some food has fallen down then the baby can swipe over there to remove it. These baby products are really insane.

nonmember avatar givemeabreak

What a dumb idea. I am a housecleaner and a baby cannot get the floor clean by wearing a mop-like onesie. Not unless the mother pushes the child around. seems like the laborlaws at their worse

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