Hysterical Baby Mop Onesie Puts 'Lazy' Infants to Work & Makes Floors Sparkle

baby mop onesie

OK, have you seen this new baby onesie with a mop attached to it yet? Yes -- I said a baby onesie with a mop attached to it, as in a little suit that your baby can wear so he can practice his crawling skills and mop your floors at the exact same time. (Whaaattt?)

For the bargain price of 29.99, you can order your very own Baby Mop on Amazon.comThe product description says the onesie will teach your baby "responsibility" and a "healthy work ethic," all while giving him exercise and improving muscle tone. And apparently there are plenty of parents who just can’t resist this thing -- because there are hilarious videos all over the Internet of the onesies actually in use.

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And while most parents will look at this thing and laugh and assume it's nothing more than a fun joke, it's hilarious to see moms and dads out there who are actually trying it. Why not get babies to chip in and do their fair share of the housework? I mean, we spend so much time trying to keep our homes tidy as it is -- why not put the little ones to work on the floors so we have more time to do other stuff? (Duh, I'm kidding!)

Gag gift or not, people certainly seem to love it. Just take a look at these glowing reviews from the Better Than Pants website!

This woman even used it to gain Internet infamy, saying that she got "150 likes on Facebook." Now, that's worth the shipping fee!


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And hey, if nothing else, the Baby Mop provides a great opportunity for some quirky Instagram posts. Maybe that's why parents are so eager to purchase these things.

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