Jennifer Aniston Sees Drew Barrymore's Baby -- Clearly, She Wants a Kid Now

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jennifer aniston drew barrymoreWhat's better than celeb parents? Not much. Except celeb parents showing another celeb couple a photo of their new baby. Behold! To your left a photo of brand new mom, Drew Barrymore, and brand new (hot) dad, Will Kopelman, showing newly-betrothed Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux a picture of their baby girl, Olive. Amazing! The stuff Bonnie Fuller dreams are woven with!

But you didn't think reports accompanying this photo weren't going to speculate that Jennifer Aniston now wants a baby, did you? You did? Oh my god, so cute!

On a few websites today -- and I'm sure in tabloids to come -- there are insinuating "reports" claiming that after seeing pictures of the newest Barrymore-Kopelman, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were "lovey-dovey." As in: Jennifer Aniston SOOOO wants a baby after looking at pictures of one!!!

Here's what I think: Jennifer Aniston was just looking at a picture of a baby, and babies are cute, so she made a face that said, "Aw, that baby is cute."

When you're in a committed relationship and you don't have a child -- or when you're Jennifer Aniston -- there's literally no way to react to seeing a baby without other people "drawing conclusions." If you like the baby too much -- and go, "Oh, she's so cute! I love her hair bow!" -- people assume it's going to be an awkward car ride home, where the woman is putting pressure on the dude to get to procreatin'! And if your reaction is subdued -- something like, "That's a nice baby. But this puppy is nice, too!" -- you're a selfish jerkface, who never wants a child.

What's a lady -- or Jen -- to do?

Don't look at babies? Look at babies and give a confusing response like: "I love your baby so much! She's so gorgeous! And this puppy! So gorgeous, too! And this table? To die for!"? There's really no winning, is there?

But hey, if anyone can handle speculation, Jennifer can. She's been reportedly pregnant 15 times, after all. Everyone else -- godspeed.

Do you feel pressure from others to have a baby?


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iicar... iicarmerin

Breaking news, "Succesfull woman wants a baby." Really?? No I don't feel pressure to have children and neither should she.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Lol Jennifer Aniston looks at a picture of a baby, clearly that means she wants a baby.

MomLi... MomLily67

She might already have a baby we don't know about, hahhaa!! but the look on her face is priceless, it might not mean she wants a baby now, but it's a telling sign of some sort.... 

nonmember avatar fatal

that is the look of insane jealousy-she isn't happy for Drew obviously only thing on Anustains mind is that some one else has something she wants-and obviously for all the wrong reasons-how many psycho looks do people have to see on this hag before they realize she is plain old CRAZYY, vindictive, spiteful and bent on revenge-no matter how much she has it never seems to be enough

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