Mariah Carey Isn't Nuts Enough to Make Her Baby Wear Glasses Just for Looks

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Mariah CareyIt seems like every time I see a photo of Mariah Carey with daughter Monroe, the baby girl is wearing what writers keep referring to as "fashion glasses." It's as if people think Mimi puts a pair of specs on her baby because it's trendy, not because the little girl has a vision problem. Come on, even Mariah Carey can't be that much of a diva, can she?

We're talking real glasses, not sunglasses. On a BABY! Doesn't that concept scare anyone else?

Every time I saw a baby sport specs when my daughter was younger, I would have a mini panic attack. "What if that happens to her?" I'd think.

It wasn't her vision I was worried about. Not really. My husband and I both have craptacular eyes, so we know what's in the cards for our kid. But both of us were in elementary school before the glasses fairy came to visit.

No, my real worry was how to keep glasses on a baby. I had a hard enough time keeping a sunhat on her when we went outside. I kept picturing a pair of spectacles that she needed for her vision and that we needed to keep (a lost sunhat is no big deal, a lost pair of expensive glasses on the other hand ....) being ripped off and thrown.

I could also envision my daughter, who hated having anything on her head, crying. A lot. And I wondered how I'd ever deal with the look she'd give me.

I know, this is a lot to have thought about when you consider my kid never actually had to wear glasses. But I'm nothing if not an angst-ridden worrywart.

So I have to say it again. I have thought this all through. Glasses on a baby just for fashion? That's ludicrous!

I don't care how much money Mariah Carey has or how much of a diva people say she is, she seems like a loving mom. I don't see her as the type to drive herself insane trying to keep glasses on a kid or to torture a poor kid who hated the glasses ... unless it was absolutely necessary.

At least ... I hope not.

What do you think of the people who keep referring to Monroe Cannon's glasses as part of her "fashion"? Can you imagine making your baby wear glasses that weren't absolutely necessary?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Jesse

I think I would have the same concern, since my little guy won't keep his sunglasses on, even with a velcro strap. But maybe they'll keep it on if they can actually see better with the glasses.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Babies that need to wear glasses as babies learn to keep them on. Actually, if you strapped a sun hat to a small child and made them wear it everyday- the same thing would probably happen. Same thing with little girls who wear headbands and jewelry every day... when they are used to it being there all the time, they leave it alone. It is when it only goes on every once and a while that they aren't accustomed to it.

However, glasses for fashion? I wouldn't put it past Mariah- she's done some crazy things. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, however, her daughter just needs glasses... her son isn't wearing them.

nonmember avatar clickin

My sister had corrective glasses as a baby. My mom said she had no problems with her not wanting to wear them. She thinks its because she knew of the difference in her vision with vs without them.

MomLi... MomLily67

I  think those are prescription glasses. Maybe she got them in all colors to match the babies outfits so reports think they are fashion glasses.

mariy... mariyahsmommy

I've seen those type of glasses, they are perscription.

nonmember avatar Marisa

I think it's really judgmental to assume that Mariah Carey is forcing her baby to wear glasses for the sake of fashion. Typically glasses like those are because the baby's eye sight is poor or something else is medically wrong.

wdenise wdenise

My youngest sister had to wear glasses AND an eye patch pretty much from the time she was born. Her brain wasn't using one of her eyes. I doubt any mother would voluntarily make her child wear glasses.

nonmember avatar Sabra

Has anyone maybe considered that they aren't REAL corrective glasses? My best friend in college bought fake ones from Claire's/icing that she wore all the time. I bet you anything they make them for babies too (not that I would buy them). Who cares if a baby wears fake ones. Go back to watching your OWN kids.

nonmember avatar natasha

yup..these are definitely real galsses I have seen them many times!. The child leaves them on because she CAN'T SEE without them.

nonmember avatar jodie

I have enough trouble keeping glasses on my little one and he needs to wear them, I can't imagine me going through that daily battle if he didn't need them.

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