Alicia Keys' 'Girl on Fire' Is Awesome Tribute to Moms (VIDEO)

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alicia keys girl on fireAlicia Keys just released the official music video for her song "Girl on Fire." I love it. The video features Keys picking up her house, playing with her kids, getting them ready for bed, cooking dinner, paying bills, tenderly helping her live-in mother and hanging out with her husband.

Hmmm ... does that life sound familiar to anyone?

Take a look:



How amazing is it that the girl isn't on fire because she's perfect and half-naked in the clubs with all the men trying to get with her? This girl is on fire because she is taking care of her children, her mom and loving her husband and making her house a home and still going after her own dreams. She won't give up. She wants it all. Don't we all?

I love the positive spin this puts on motherhood. It honors all that motherhood entails; all that we give and all that we sacrifice. It also captures the boundless joy that motherhood brings with it but at the same time, it is honest about what we give of ourselves and it is encouraging to know that we all feel the same about this beautiful and sometimes overwhelming journey of motherhood. The moment when we find our balance, stand back because we will ignite.

Sure, it's overwhelming and lonely sometimes when the only people that you get to talk to all day only come up to your kneecaps and, for the most part, can’t speak any language that you understand. We are more than just what we appear to be. We are more than our yoga pants and spit up on t-shirts.

We just need the time and opportunity to shine. Mothers are so underestimated but we have powers of will and determination that will blow you away. If we ever focused the faith and love that we have in our family on ourselves, the world had better watch out. We would be on fire!

Do you love the Girl on Fire video as much as I do?

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nonmember avatar sw33txn3na

Alicia Keys is a VERY TALENTED artist... I love her songs (#1 tell you something)

Cel7777 Cel7777

That was a weird video.

OKgirl OKgirl

I stopped liking Alicia Keys when she started sleeping with another women's husband.

OKgirl OKgirl


Megan Lee

The part where it looks like sehe's stressing over bills? Come onnnn . lol

nonmember avatar Jessi

Alright well that was a tad misleading. Although I applaud the highlight to parenthood and responsibility, the first half of the video just depicted her rolling around and posing for the camera. And that quality time she spent with the guy we're left to assume is her husband, um, she was wearing head phones. That's hardly quality time. And where was he throughout all of this? Why was he not helping with the kids. For those families that are lucky enough to have two in home guardians parenthood is 50/50 and should be shared accordingly. Why wasn't the father figure dancing around with the mother figure and the kids?

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