Hilary Duff Makes a Seriously Good Case for Having a Baby When You're Young

hilary duffBeing that she was just 25 when she gave birth, Hilary Duff is thought of as a "young mom" by most. Yes, there are many women who have babies before then, but by today's standards, for the most part, 25 is considered "young" to be a parent. And Hilary likes it that way. Well, mostly. In a recent interview with Parents, she said that sometimes, she feels sort of lonely, being that she doesn't have many friends her age with babies. She's "at a totally different spot than a lot of [her] friends." But there is a very, very specific upside to being a young mom, as she pointed out.

There isn't that mad dash, oh-my-god-let's-hurry-up-and-have-another-kid-soon pressure.

And that must be nice.

In the interview, Duff stated: "I want to have more kids and I’m looking forward to doing that, but I’m not in any rush. I think sometimes maybe if you start a little later you’re in a hurry to get all the kids you want, and I have a little time to spread that out."

Yes, Hilary, you wise former Disney star, you. Yes.

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I had my baby sort of later on in life. At 33. Not ancient by any means, but definitely not super young. And while I'm certainly not planning a nursery for baby number two any time in the immediate future, I definitely feel some ever-so-faint pressure to have another child sort of soon. Because I'd like to go to my kids' college graduations, you know, sans dentures.

Thing is, I don't necessarily feel like being pregnant again right now. Or having a newborn. And I want to really soak up my daughter when she's a toddler. Yeah, I certainly could wait until she's 3 or 4 to start trying again -- and maybe I will -- but I don't know, like Duff said, there is this slight "pressure", for lack of a better word, to have another baby sooner rather than later.

But, like with everything in life, there are pros and cons to having a baby "young" (and having a baby "old"). I guess the key is to go with what you've got. Because like everyone says, there is never a "right" time to have a child.

Were you an "older" mom? Did or do you feel pressure to have another one soon?

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Momma... Mommagreenspin

Im 26 and I have 2. Yet, I always get the dreaded questions:

Are you gonna have another?

Do you want another?

Are you going to try for a girl? (I have 2 boys)

Yes, I want another. No, my husband (says that he) doesnt. It is not good timing for us. I think everyone feels pressure from family/friends to keep procreating. I

Rose Terry

i had my daughter 2 years ago when i was 23. i felt (and still feel) that that was a good age to start, and i'm thinking of trying again next year. for me, i think hilary is absolutely right, there is no rush. but then, i want to have all my children as close together as possible so that 20 years from now i won't still be chasing toddlers at 45.

Mary Elissa

Funny, I'll be wearing my colostomy bag at my kids graduations. Not because I will be old , I got it when I was 17....there are many young people who have them. More than most people think. It being somthing that goes hand in hand with being old is ignorant. It goes hand in hand with several diseases that effect people of all ages. There is a huge stigma that the ostomy comunity is trying to change. I know it was just ment to be funny but I had to roll my eyes at another misplaced ostomy/old person joke.

Miriam Kennedy

She isn't young to have a baby  -she's 25. 

Whitney Curtis

I had my daughter when I was 22 and my hubby was almost 20. We love it becuase we have the energy to play with her now that she is 2 and a little crazy but even better...when she is 18 I'll be 40 and he will be 38....still young and ready to have some fun ourselves. I want to have another but we want to enjoy our first peanut just a little bit longer.

Jamie Ortega

I am 28 and have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and guess what, my tubes are tied. We didn't want anymore then that. I want to still have energy to play with my toddlers but still enjoy being young. People seem to think that when you have kids your "personal" life is over and that's not true (for me anyways). My husband and I work full time (he works nights and I work days so one of us is always with the kids no daycare) and about everyother Saturday is our date nights and we have a blast. We still enjoy out youth together :)

Kayla Jensen

I have two children myself. Both of them are boys. I had my first one at 19 and my second one at 21. I love the fact that I will be middle aged when they get to be 18 0r 19. I always get questions as to whether my fiance and I will have more or will we try for a girl. Ofcourse I want more children. I wouldn't mind having 2 more children and ofcourse in trying for more children we do want a girl! I do like that we do not have to rush to have more children right now. We can wait a couple of years and then possibly try again! So I do agree with Hilary on this!

Vegeta Vegeta

Adopt an older child if you don't feel like being pregnant or dealing with a baby.

Jamie Draughn Sykes

I know you meant "Because I'd like to go to my kids' college graduations, you know, sans colostomy bag." as a joke, but it wasn't funny. Having a colostomy bag (or ileostomy bag, there is a difference) doesn't go hand in hand with being old. Due to Crohn's Disease, I had to have my first ileostomy when I was 22 and my second when I was 23. So, therefore, not all people that have ostomies are old.

I am not offended by what you said, don't take it in that way. Just letting you know that having a bag doesn't always go hand in hand with being old :)

nonmember avatar Jill

Thank you Mary!

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