Mom Gets Kicked Off Bus Because Her Sick Baby's Diaper Stinks

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diaperDo you have a copy of Everyone Poops lying around? Time to pack it up and send it to Seattle! A mom was kicked off a city bus there because her sick baby had a stinky diaper, and it was bothering other passengers.

Oh come on guys, really? You know you did that once too, right?

Come to think of it, just about every mom I know has been in the situation Nichole Hakimian was in this week.

Maybe it wasn't a city bus taking your sick kid to the doctor (oh, did I mention that part? She was taking her poor little man to the doctor when he had diarrhea in his diaper!). Maybe it was a grocery store, and you'd just put the 24th item on your list of 25 into the cart when you smelled something foul coming at you from the general vicinity of the gurgling, grinning pumpkin perched up in the front. Or maybe it was the post office. Or an older child's school.

Point is, kids poop. And they don't always make sure to poop in places where there is easy access to a changing table, or even just a nice flat surface to plop them down. Which leaves you with two choices -- neither of them especially good.

Do you make do with the space you have and change your kid's stinky diaper right then and there in a public space, where they're screaming their bloody lungs out, and people are staring and complaining about the stink? Or do you decide to let them sit in it for a few minutes until you can get to a place where you'll have a little privacy, or at least a clean surface?

Either way, people are going to smell it because, let me repeat this one more time: kids poop. It's part of life. And all the people smelling it were once little stinkers who crapped their own pants.

Hakimian says her son stunk up his diaper just after she climbed aboard the bus, and she was hoping to get him to the doctor for a change. I probably would have done the same thing. Can you imagine the stink (pun very much intended) if she'd laid him across a seat and tried to actually change him?

Have you been hassled over your kid's stinky diaper? How did it got down?


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Maias... MaiasMommy619

People are so stupid now a days. It's a baby and he was sick... Wtf is wrong with people!?

IKnow... IKnow0101

Really after the adults that I smell on the bus they really shouldn't complain.

shilo... shilohkitten

That is just sad and wrong.  It's a baby for crying out loud!  And agree with pp, ADULTS ON PUBLIC BUSES ARE MUCH WORSE.

Nolanzo Nolanzo

Really?! Then I'm goin to start complaining about the atrocious B.O., stank breath that would knock out a horse, and flatulance so bad it should be a biohazard.

Trust me when I say the adults smell WAY worse.

Todd Vrancic

Nobody ever hassled me.  I was primary caretaker for all of our kids practically from the moment they were born.  Oh, did I mention that I am 6'4" and weigh close to 300 punds?  More than I should weigh, I know, but quite a bit of that is muscle.

Lovex23 Lovex23

Everyone is right about the stinky people on the bus. I've been straight up knocked out by some peoples stench and I had to deal with it. A little baby's diaper is nothing compared to the smells I've had to endure on the bus. When my son was a newborn he would have the stinkiest farts as soon as I reached the checkout line at the grocery store lol. It was bad so bad that people would move away and give me dirty looks. I thought it was hilarious! Babies don't have no shame when they gotta let loose but these passengers on that bus should be ashamed they stalled that mom from getting her baby to the doctor!

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

I ride the buses when I'm in Seattle, and believe me, some of the drunk homeless people that get on the bus smell WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY worse than a stinky diaper. Some of them smell like week old piss it is so disgusting. I feel horrible for that mom. I have been where she is, I have had to deal with a toddler with diarrhea. And some of the comments that I have read on a news site this same story was on were all negative comments about her. Poor women. But this article doesn't mention the fact that this poor mother with a sick 12 month old child is also 4 months pregnant.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

People have no compassion anymore. Sad. What's a mother to do?

work4... work4mickey

I would refuse to get off the bus and make them call the police to escort me off, then I have a police report to back me up for when I sue for discrimination and non accomadation. In most places familial status (ie. having kids) is a protected class.

Elizabeth Fox

If she had tried to change the baby on an extra seat or across her lap (that takes talent to do) people would have been offended and probably call CPS about her showing her naked baby to them. And the diaper would still have stunk (worse when it opens to the world) even after being wrapped and dropped in a trash container...or the diaper bag.   .... I am with everyone else...babys poop and poop with it.

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