7 Baby Halloween Costumes That Scare Us to Death

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Even Tinker Bell can't believe these costumes
Ah, fall. You can hear the crunch of the leaves. You can smell the apple cider being pressed. And you can see the absolutely ridiculous Halloween costumes people are pulling out for their babies.

I just don't get it. There are hundreds of adorable options for parents out there, and still, every year there has to be at least one idiot in the neighborhood who decides to dress their infant like Christian Grey ... or worse. 

Think you've seen some really bad baby costumes? Just you wait. We've got some of the worst.

From the baby Michael Jackson (yes, really) to a rather, ahem, phallic shaped accessory for a little Jedi, these are the Halloween costumes you might want to skip this year. Or maybe hide them under a rather thick fall coat ...

What's the craziest baby costume you've seen? Is it on our list?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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dirti... dirtiekittie

it's halloween! lighten up! at least i didn't see any costumes with the word "sexy" in them, unlike shopping for myself. :/ but some of these are hilarious!

hanna... hannahsmom238

I kind of liked the shark one

work4... work4mickey

I would totally put my kid in the shark one.

Irish... IrishQuinn

I love the shark costume!

kelly... kelly24019

FFS no one has a sense of humor anymore... They are funny

NYCmo... NYCmommy100

Aww, c'mon! Dressing your baby like that shark or Michael Jackson is bad? Sheesh, somebody lost their sense of humor.

Amanda Packer Streeter

my son was 2 and obsessed with zombies and we made him the scariest one! complete with oozing blood and tattoos that looked like gun shot wounds. He couldn't pass a mirror without staring at himself, he LOVED it! was it inappropriate??? maybe, was it fun??? ABSOLUTELY!!! lets all grow a sense of humor and have some fun huh!!

Dani Madden

I find nothing wrong with those. Not everyone wants cutesy little monkeys or fairys for their kid. I love the zombie idea because I'm a horror fan myself & found the shark one very funny! There's nothing wrong with them! 

ysmeine ysmeine

The only problem I saw was the Kiss one with the mask. Masks on babies are a bit much and not likely to be tolerated by infant anyway. 

Your other complaints were rediculous.

Kelsey Warrick

This site has become way to critical of everything! I used to enjoy the news stories, but rather than simply writing an article, the authors find themselves needing to criticize everyone. These Halloween costumes are cute and someone needs to find their sense of humor. This site needs to seriously reevaluate it's place in the public domain.

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