7 Baby Halloween Costumes That Scare Us to Death

Even Tinker Bell can't believe these costumes
Ah, fall. You can hear the crunch of the leaves. You can smell the apple cider being pressed. And you can see the absolutely ridiculous Halloween costumes people are pulling out for their babies.

I just don't get it. There are hundreds of adorable options for parents out there, and still, every year there has to be at least one idiot in the neighborhood who decides to dress their infant like Christian Grey ... or worse. 

Think you've seen some really bad baby costumes? Just you wait. We've got some of the worst.


From the baby Michael Jackson (yes, really) to a rather, ahem, phallic shaped accessory for a little Jedi, these are the Halloween costumes you might want to skip this year. Or maybe hide them under a rather thick fall coat ...

What's the craziest baby costume you've seen? Is it on our list?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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