Honey Boo Boo's Niece Shouldn't Be Appearing in Beauty Pageants Yet

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honey boo booLike aunt, like niece. Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson's niece Kaitlyn is the latest member in the Boo Boo family to get involved in the beauty pageant scene. Kaitlyn, daughter to 18-year-old "Chickadee", was just introduced to the world last month, and she already is taking the baby beauty pageant world by storm. Okay, maybe not by storm; but by drizzle at the very least. Baby Kaitlyn recently took home fifth place in a newborn baby pageant of sorts -- and she won the "People's Choice" award.

I'm glad Kaitlyn "placed" in this contest, but newborns and baby pageants? That doesn't seem like a very good idea.

The Thompson, or "Boo Boo", clan are a hot button issue in and of themselves. Some people love them and will fight their critics to the death, while others -- well, they're their critics, and think people who give newborn babies Mountain Dew-dipped pacifiers shouldn't be rewarded with a TV show. That's not what this post is about. This post is about entering a newborn baby into a beauty pageant

Personally, I'm against it. If you want to enter your toddler or 8-year-old into a pageant, go for it. Not something I'd do, but hey, I get it. Sort of. By that point, your child is old enough to ask for something. When they're a baby -- particularly a newborn -- I'm pretty sure the only things they're interested in doing are eating, pooping, and sleeping.

And beyond that, talk about stress on the mom. I get stressed out when I have to go to the grocery store with my baby -- the packing of her stuff, the worrying if she's going to have a meltdown. I can't imagine wanting to enter my infant into a "beauty contest" of sorts. In addition to extra diapers and a couple of rattles, Chickadee probably had to have outfit changes, accessories, and whatever other accoutrement come with pageantry.

It looks like the world of beauty pageants run in the Boo Boo family, and Kaitlyn is destined to follow in her aunt's footsteps. But maybe it'd be better to wait until she was a little bit older. At the very least, until she can sit up on her own.

Would you enter your baby in a beauty pageant?

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I put dd1 in one when she was 7 months. She placed 3rd but it was too stressful and she didn't even know what was going on. I may do more but I will wait until both dd1 and dd2 are old enough to know what it is and like getting dressed up...that's if they even like that girly stuff lol

nonmember avatar Sarah

No, I wouldn't. I think anyone who does needs to seriously consider their motivation...is this for your baby/child, or is this for you? What will the consequences of this lifestyle focused 100%on fake beauty be if the child goes through an akward stage or isn't pretty anymore?Will they feel any self worth if they aren't spray tanning,wearings wigs/extensions,layers of makes-up with big fake smiles? Everyone's priorities are different and I'm not going to call you a horrible mom if you put your kid in a pageant,especially if it's what THEY want to do...Personally I just don't agree with the message it sends these girls and their mothers who obsess so much over it. On a similar but seperate note; I think anyone who actually watches anything related to honey boo boo and that ignorant programming should be bitch-slapped,sterilized or preferably, both. Ugh, I will gladly give up any pop culture reference coolness I may have earned...I will not sacrafice my brain cells or precious time for ignorant trash reality "entertainment".

Melis... Melissa1508

Well said Sarah!  Agree 100%!

nonmember avatar Kayla

we don't have pageants very much in the northern states at all, but i still wouldn't do it. i have said it's good alanna likes pageants, unlike some of the girls on the shows she wants to do them.

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