Mom Confession: I Peed in My Baby's Diaper

Mom Moment 45

kristen chaseYou're driving to grandma's 250 miles away in the middle of the night. It's just you and your baby. The baby is sleeping -- finally. Uh-oh. You have to pee. Bad. Really bad.

Whatcha gonna do?

You don't want to leave the baby in the car -- and you don't want to take the chance of waking the baby up by taking him out of the car.

The solution is easy:

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Pull over and pee in your baby's diaper.

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

C'mon, who hasn't done this -- or at least thought about it?

This mom has:

We know exactly where she's coming from. Do you?

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Have you ever peed in your kid's diaper?

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

If you have to pee that bad then a diaper won't be able to take it. I know someone who tried it and the diaper overflowed but after birthing four kids she just couldn't stop the flow and peed all over anyway.

If it's the middle of the night just pull in to a deserted area, a quiet road or a parking lot of a closed mall, and squat outside the car. It's not fun but it's better than trying to pee in a diaper only to flood the seat of the car anyway.

Cel7777 Cel7777

Um, no. That doesn't even make any sense.

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

Nope, pop a squat! If you're traveling at night, just pull over and pop a squat! You can't pee in the diaper in the car anyways, we have too much!

miche... micheledo

Um . . .

    Can't you post anon in here?




Been there, done that.  <hangs head in absolute embarrassment>


We were traveling to a field trip, to a dairy farm.  NOTHING around.  Just fields.  I held it as long as I could.  We were in a 'caravan' so if we stopped, everyone else would to - no privacy.  :D  It was HORRIBLE! 

And can I just say it is SO hard to pee when not on a toilet.  It's a mental block or something.  I went just enough to relieve the pressure and when we finally arrived I RAN for the bathroom.

nonmember avatar Sapphiremind

get some sense, take baby in the whole carseat and go to the freaking bathroom! that is beyond stupid.

Michele Rafferty

I've almost had to do that.  I was pregnant with my second, and stuck in traffic in the middle of nowhere.  Didn't think I was going to make it, but I did thankfully.

lalab... lalaboosh

@Sapphire, not all carseats come out of the car. The carseats the do come out of the car aren't as safe as the ones that don't. And why does she have to use the bathroom? I think the diaper was silly since it's pretty easy to pee on the ground, but if no one is around and her child needs rest how is she wrong for going on the side of the road?

Lee Ann Slosar

Um, no.  I have 3 kids, and I wouldn't even consider it.  I would if necessary squat outside my car but never in a diaper.


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