Baby Weighing 8 Pounds, 9 Ounces Born on 10/11/12 at 13:14 -- Whoa! (VIDEO)

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numbers babyWhen you're expecting a baby, you can't help but wonder about the numbers. No, I'm not talking about the cost of diapers, I'm talking about the date and time of your baby's birth. Will she be born on the 7th (your lucky number)? At 2:12 in the afternoon (your area code)? All you can do is guess. 

Like new mom Katie Deremiah of Iowa. Even though her due date was 10/19/12, she had a feeling she would go into labor yesterday, on 10/11/12. She was right. But she had no idea how numerically significant her daughter's birthdate and time would turn out to be! 

Baby Laila Fitzgerald was born weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces -- on 10/11/12 -- at 13:14 (military time). Are you getting this?!


WHOA. What are the odds?!

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Laila's dad, Ryan Fitzgerald, told reporters he was going straight from the hospital to buy a lottery ticket, and I can't say I blame him. Seriously, this incredibly crazy birthday must mean something. Something about Laila's destiny, perhaps? I feel like someone could make a sci-fi movie based on her birthday alone -- clearly she's going to grow up to save mankind or discover the Matrix or something.

Whatever it means, I hope a winning lotto ticket for Mom & Dad is part of the deal!

Did the date and time of your baby's birth have any special significance for you?

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Latvia Latvia

my oldest was born at 04:11 and my youngest was born at 11:04 - i thought that was pretty cool :)

Deann... Deanna2872

My son was born on Jan 1st at 7:11am, weighing 7lb 11oz :)

nonmember avatar KAE

My son was born on 8.9.10 in the eleventh hour. We were shooting for 11:12 when we realized, but it took a little longer than that so we got 8.9.10 at 11:50. :-) Still think it's pretty cool! I'll be full-term with this baby on 12-21-12.

grnsm... grnsmomma

What's even stranger is the brother born on 8-9-10 and now this one 10-11-12.  My son's birthday is 6-9..someday he'll realize how dirty that is lol  If this baby is as early as my son was the date will be 3-13-13, which is our 1 year anniversary.

Lisa Marie Malt

shame this story is not so effective over here in england as we would say they baby was born weighing 8lbs 9oz on 11/10/12 @ 13.14 so that would make it 8,9,11,10,12,13! still impressive though!

Christy Walsh

Wow, that's awesome! Wonder how many other babies were born at that exact time, even if they weren't 8 lbs 9 oz. My first daughter, who was stillborn, was born at 10:12 pm, and my second daughter was born at 10:12 am. <3

Alexandra Kraemer

wow, how super cool is that?!!! and yes, my daughter was born at 1.04 on 1.04! on top of it, so she's born april fool's, me valentine's and her daddy new year's day ;)


I hate to be the buzz-kill, but this is statistically not that impressive.  I don't know how many babies are born every minute (hundreds?), so of those hundreds, only one had to weigh 8 lb 9 oz.

It's cool for that family, though :)

Knife Knife

MENSA has a point, around 400 children are born every minute, so in the end it isn't terribly crazy, or such a shock.  

Pink_... Pink_Love

Yup. My daughter was born 12/6 weighed 6lbs 6oz at 2:42 (4+2=6) and turned 6 months on 6/6/06. Look at all those 6's.... That's crazy!

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