5 Warning Signs Every Newborn Should Come With

crying babyMost people don't appreciate how truly hard being a parent is until they are one. That was certainly the case for me. I had never even changed a diaper before my son was born. I was the night owl who loved to laze around until noon weekends. Needless the say, the sleepless, cry-filled nights really threw me through a loop. If there was such a thing as an easy baby, we certainly didn't have one.

What really astounded me was the fact that no one ever tells parents-to-be the truth about what it is really like to suddenly live with those fussy, needy bundles of joy in the first few months. Yes, there is a lot of bliss, but there are almost as many moments where you are utterly shocked and overwhelmed.

So, here is a rundown of the warnings I wish I had before I brought my little bundle home:


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Did anyone warn you about #4?


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britn... britneykaren

I had a silly to do list too, now I'm lucky if I make it to the store to get diapers and food to eat

Desir... Desireesmom2011

Realy no one told you any of that stuff? Those are just the basics of having a baby and usualy the first things people tell you when they find out your pregnant. After saying congrats first of course.

jessi... jessicasmom1

Get stalk piled up with things you need diapers, clothes, burping clothes, wipes , blankets to cuddle and rely on no one is right 

nonmember avatar brandy

lmbo..i laughed hysterically at number 5. No one told me these things either. I guess we learn after the fact.

MomLi... MomLily67

It's an adventure!!  and it's better if you look at it from the ligher side or else you will be forever exhausted, but we have to admit it is the best thing in life!! 

marie... mariesmama

they forgot 1 "im screaming for 3 days straight because i have an ear infection"  this eventually led to speech delays and ear tubes

Dani Madden

We lucked out totally our little girl only would wake up like 3 times a night to eat & then pass right back out for the first month. We're now on month 2 & she sleeps more then us! 

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