5 Warning Signs Every Newborn Should Come With

Ericka Sóuter | Oct 12, 2012 Baby

crying babyMost people don't appreciate how truly hard being a parent is until they are one. That was certainly the case for me. I had never even changed a diaper before my son was born. I was the night owl who loved to laze around until noon weekends. Needless the say, the sleepless, cry-filled nights really threw me through a loop. If there was such a thing as an easy baby, we certainly didn't have one.

What really astounded me was the fact that no one ever tells parents-to-be the truth about what it is really like to suddenly live with those fussy, needy bundles of joy in the first few months. Yes, there is a lot of bliss, but there are almost as many moments where you are utterly shocked and overwhelmed.

So, here is a rundown of the warnings I wish I had before I brought my little bundle home:


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Did anyone warn you about #4?


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  • Serious Biohazard


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    As cute as they are, our little ones are like walking petri dishes. If there is a bug going around, they've got it and that means so do you. There was one time, I got bronchitis, strep, and pinkeye all at once!


  • Insufficient Funds


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    They are as expensive as they are adorable. Diapers, formula, toys, and clothes they outgrow every single month means no more handbag budget or pricey weekend getaways. Though admittedly, those things aren't as much fun as parenthood anyway.

  • Noise Violation


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    Like the peace and quiet. Cherish those final days of solitude before delivery. And the baby wails are just the beginning. Once they start talking, you'll experience an endless stream of "whys?" If you have two, then get ready for some epic screaming matches. But don't worry, things should calm down when they go off to college.

  • Say Goodbye to Shut-Eye


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    It's not a joke. There is no such thing as a good night's sleep with a newborn under your roof. Mine would only sleep for 20 minutes a stretch. Of course, it gets better when they start sleeping through the night, but on those occassions they crawl into bed with you, forget about rest - unless you can sleep with a little foot kicking you all night. 

  • Forget the To-Do List


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    I had all these grand plans during my maternity leave. I thought I might even write a novel during the times when he was asleep. What a fool I was. When my little guy went down, all I wanted to do was throw myself on the couch and watch a Law & Order marathon. I didn't cook, clean, or even shower. I was so zonked I needed some mindless time and I don't regret a moment of it.

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