Family Dog Saves Baby's Life When She Stops Breathing (VIDEO)

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Life-saving dog DukeDog loving parents, it's time to get your party blowers out and start celebrating! A 6-year-old rescue dog in Connecticut just became a hero in every sense of the world for saving a 9-week-old baby's life. Take that all you "well, dogs could be dangerous" folks.

Some dogs are dangerous. But most are incredible creatures who will do anything to keep our kids safe. Like Jenna Brousseau's dog Duke.

The pup, who the Brousseaus adopted, apparently was going all cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs on their bed one night, jumping up and down so they couldn't sleep.

I'm picturing how it all went down. They were probably exhausted -- hello, 9-week-old baby at home -- and wanted to make the dog sleep outside. But they figured, hey, we're up, let's go check on the baby.

And thank goodness they did. Little Harper had stopped breathing, which obviously sent Duke into a panic. Thank goodness paramedics were able to revive her, and she's doing OK after a trip to the hospital.

I love stories like these. Not that a baby stops breathing -- that made my heart stop -- but stories that show the bond between a family pet and a child.

I can still remember how nervous I felt about introducing my dog to my daughter. At the advice of an animal expert, my husband brought a receiving blanket my daughter had been sleeping with into our house before we brought the baby in. He let her sniff it while petting her and showing her some Daddy love.

Did it help? I don't know. I'd like to think so. Or maybe our dog was just so full of love that it wouldn't have mattered what we did. From the get-go, she's been patient and kind with our daughter.

I would venture to say that parents generally know their dogs. And when they surprise us, more often than not it's in a good way. Or, in the case of Duke, an amazing, life-saving way.

Check out this faithful pup and his human buddy:

WFSB Channel 3

Do you have an incredible family dog? Tell us about him/her in comments!


Image via WFSB


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UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

That's awesome.

nonmember avatar Sarah

I love dogs!! My dogs saved my oldest daughter when she was two weeks old. They were acting like Duke from this story. Turns out my daughter had GBS and meningitis. They saved her life. If I would have waited she wouldn't be this amazing healthy almost 9 year old. An hour after she got to the hospital she had stopped breathing. Sadly my doggies are no longer with us, but I will forever be indebted to those stinkers.

nonmember avatar CC

Animals are amazing. We have our cat Basher, who would get between anyone new & the babies. He wasn't going to let anyone touch his kids.

wamom223 wamom223

I brought a blanket home from the NICU and my mini poodle started sleeping with it that night.  When my son came home he had horrible reflux that got so bad it would come out of his nose.  The first time it happened my son was sleeping next to the bed in his bassinet and my dog woke me up barking and pawing at my chest. My dog did that multiple times until my son finally moved past it when he was around five months old.  As amazing as this was, the dog also started trying to sneak my son bones when he was teething.  Having my dog wake me up to comfort my son was awesome.  Worrying about my dog giving my son a bone to choke on was a nightmare (we became a bone outside house from then on.)  To be honest I don't leave my son alone with my dogs, because I don't trust my four year old with them.  They were my furbabies before I had my son and they are the best friends that little boy could ever ask for.  Animals are amazing and I think dogs are in paticular.  

Tammatha Brown

I love to see this even more when it is a pit bull mix, these poor dogs get such a bad rap. Here is another incredible one doing what they do best. They are naturally incredible dogs given the chance!

Linda-lottie Ramsey-morrison

Not a dog--but horse, My daughter was 16 and was in the yard riding when she said she didn't feel well, she then got off from her horse and fainted--she has done this several times before,  Well, her horse, Stormy, picked up her leg and held it there until we could get to her, and move her out of the way. Stormy must have knew something and kept her leg up and out of the way.  She is the best.

sweet... sweetone44_2004

When my dd was born in 2009, I had a cat (still have him!) And every time my daughter would cry, our cat Winter would be right up beside her making her feel better. If I was in another room Winter would come in there and meow like crazy to tell me that my daughter was crying. Unfortunately my husband is allergic to cats, so Winter is living with my grandmother but I can tell that Winter has a strong bond with my dd. When we go visit he follows her every where, and when my dd and grandmother walk up to the mailbox, Winter follows behind. I have had him since like 2006 or 2007 and he is still an amazing cat!

Momto... MomtoDavid

i had a cat that i wasn't too fond of because he liked to pee on things, so he tended to stay away from him cause i was always yelling at him. For 3 days before i had my daughter he refused to leave me alone. he would come over the back of the couch rest his butt on my shoulder and head on my huge stomach, or climb up on my lap and wrap around my belly. He's how i had a feeling that I would be going into labor soon. Sadly I had to get rid of him soon after that cause he kept on peeing on the babies blankets and in the pack n play.

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