8 of the World's Cutest Baby Costumes (PHOTOS)

baby flash

I honestly think that one of the reasons Halloween exists is so we can put our babies in costumes. There is nothing more adorable than seeing a chubby little one in a lamb costume. Or a lion costume. Or a spider costume. It's literally guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

So, since everyone can always use a smile -- and since Halloween is a mere 20 days away -- here are 8 of the most squee-worthy photos of babies in costumes. Dying!


Image via midiman/Flickr

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cmjaz cmjaz

My favorite was a telitubby costume I saw a toddler in once. So cute!

Aunt_... Aunt_ning

Cute, for store bought costumes. Home made costumes are so much better

early... earlybird11

Way to not be original

nonmember avatar NoWay

Wow .. that's like saying "You're smart ... for a girl" Not everyone has time to make homemade costumes. My oldest son was a dalmation for his first Halloween. He was less than a month old and it was a pajama type costume. So cute!

MomLi... MomLily67

Baby girls are always adorable in ballerina costumes and those tiny socks that look as if they are waring ballerina shoes.  Baby animal costumes are a sure thing to bring a smile to your face.

Mary Cimino

I LOVE the baby in the Flash costume. Maybe it's because I love the flash lol. Of course my son is going as Superman this year, he's 1 so it'll be cute :)

Stephanie Carr

The angry owl is so funny and cute. He's like "WTF mom! I wanted to be superman!" lol

nonmember avatar Lisa Johnson

My sons first Halloween we dressed him up as a crow (his last name is Crow) We all thought is was funny except the mother-in-law.

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