5 Bizarre Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby (VIDEOS)


baby cryingEvery mom knows that their baby is an individual. What one baby likes, another one hates. I remember everyone telling me I had to buy a swing for my daughter after she was first born, because, in some infant circles, swings are where it's at. Yeah, not in my house. Within five seconds of putting my newborn in a swing, she screamed. So, it was a good thing I only borrowed it.

In the spirit of highlighting babies' individuality -- and of having a nice morning laugh -- here are five videos of babies being soothed to the oddest things ever -- starting with ... The Nanny. Not, like, the person who watches the baby while her parents are at work, the Fran Drescher show, The Nanny.

To each their own, right?

Watch as this fussing cutie pie is instantaneously quelled by the theme song from the '90s sitcom. I mean, seriously?

And then, just last week, there was baby Benjamin -- who is so freaking cute I can't stand it! -- who would only stop fussing, and start eating, when everybody's favorite Internet sensation, "Gangnam Style," was playing.

And then there was the little one whose cries could only be quelled by the theme to Star Wars.

And here's one of my personal favorites, the baby who can only be soothed with Notorious B.I.G.

And finally, there's the baby's soul who could only be satisfied with Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier." Ya mon!

What soothes your baby?


Image via berge95/YouTube

baby first year


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

My son would always calm down if someone hit him with a sock. I forget how I ever discovered it but waving a sock and letting it tap gently off his forehead was an instant off switch for the crankies. He's seven now and even now a light tap to his forehead improves his mood instantly. If he's feeling stressed he likes to lie with his head on my lap while I gently drum my fingers on his forehead, he's been known to fall asleep like that.

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

It doesn't work anymore, of course, though sometimes we try for the giggles.  Both boys used to love to sit sideways on my knee and I would hold their chubby little chins, put the other hand behind their wobbly baby heads and shake my leg up and down.

It started out as my foolproof burping method and then we noticed that as soon as the man-sized burp came out, if I kept bouncing them for another minute or so, they'd be sound asleep with their whole head leaning in my hand.  Paroxysms of giggles for anyone watching because it looked entirely uncomfortable!!


nonmember avatar zigzag

The opening to "The Big Bang Theory," that K9 Advantix commercial with the puppy who has a little kid voice leading a rally, and the daily double Jeopardy laser noise.

teddy... teddysmama09

when my son was a baby only Beyonce could sooth him. he loved Ave Maria and halo the best. Once he was freaking out at the mall and my friend got halo on her cell and put it next to him in his stroller, he cooked right out!


Cetan Archote

My youngest child would always get very absorbed and happy if we pulled up the "happy nappers" commercial on you tube for her

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