Yes, Your Baby Is Cute, But No, She Shouldn't Be a Model

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babiesI think my baby is cute. And I'm thinking you think yours is, too. And hey, I think yours is cute, and you probably think mine is cute, right? Babies -- well, they're cute. Even when they're not, they are. They're tiny and squishy and pure and innocent. There really is nothing not to like about them. They're, in a word, adorable. But please, don't ask me if your child should be a model.

I'm guessing most of you have seen it. You log on to Facebook, or into your email account, and there it is: "Vote for my baby to be the next Gap/Gerber/You Name It model!" Really? Or maybe your friend has even asked you point blank: Do you think my son/daughter could be a model?

Of course your baby is cute -- like I said, it's nearly impossible to find one who isn't. And I genuinely love all the photos you post of him/her on Facebook -- I even show my family. Aw, look how sweet so-and-so's little one is! But there's something a little ... I don't know ... weird about telling other people, particularly people who have babies of their own, that you think your kid should be a model. Especially since, on some level, all parents probably think their children are beautiful enough to be models.

I'm a subscriber to the "some things should just be left unsaid" belief. And telling the world that you think your offspring is so gorgeous he or she should be in catalogs and on baby food jars is -- well, it's a bit crass. And it's probably better if it's not shared with the world. You may think your baby is the most perfect thing on Earth -- but so does every parent.

Have you ever been asked if you think someone else's child should be a model?


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Pink_... Pink_Love

Nope never been asked that, which I'm a brutally honest person and that has tendency to upset people. I was told one time I should put my oldest daughter in pageants cuz of her eyes and smile (no thanks, not gonna live vicarously through my children) 2 names come to mind Honey Boo Boo and Jon Bena Ramsey (sp)

nonmember avatar ruthless1

I have to disagree with the "all babies are cute" idea. The real truth is that not all babies are cute....not even close. There are plenty of ugly babies out there.....we have all seen them and we all do the same thing: coo over them and compliment them. We tell the proud parents how adorable they are and that of course they could be a model. Doesnt mean they are or should be....but this is one area where people are pretty safe asking a question like that cause no one is going to tell a parent the truth: your baby is not cute.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I hate that. Those online voting things are just a scam, it's the person with the most friends that wins because nobody ever just goes on the site and votes for a random cute baby. If people ask me in person I tell them to give it a shot but remember the competition is stiff. The whole thing bugs me. I used to have people harassing me all the time telling me my kid should be a model from photographers to random people on the street to those modeling agency people at the mall who usually just try to call you over and give you info but they'd stalk me down the mall begging me to sign him up. He probably would have made a good child model, he has very striking blue eyes which were just gorgeous as a toddler and having someone dress him in smart clothes and take his picture was his idea of a great time, but I had no interest in doing that. Maybe one or two little things, an ad for a local store or something like that, but not a career. Little kids need to be kids, not get hauled around to photo shoots so they can take in the dough for mom and dad.

Butte... ButterflyEyesxX

The whole child model idea sounds all rainbows and unicorns to proud parents who have gorgeous children. When I have my own children I would love the idea to brag my children to the world, but on second thought I think I'd pass. You're thinking of it in a positive attitude only, because it's your parent enthusiasm speaking, but you really have to take a hard look at it statistically. These beauty pageants on tv are a joke, these impulsive compulsive mothers pushing their daughters like it's a beauty camp, making them dress like Rihanna and Nicky Minaj, it does not look bad on their little girls it looks bad on them, how foolish of them to sell them out like that because they're beautiful. A huge misconception in this it's that it's supposely to entertain parents at home or to amuse the viewers with child humor, but they're not the only ones admiring a beautiful innocent child, such thing as padephilia exists, all around the world. Your child's safety depends on how you want to portray her/him.  You have to look at it drastically, anyone heard of the Jaycee Dugard story? Beautiful 11-year-old girl gets car snatched in the middle of the road, by a 40-Some guy who had a fetish for young children, that was the beggining of the end of her life. But I'm just stating child modeling and advertizing should'nt go too far like how some parents push it.

Melis... Melissa1508

To each their own, but I don't agree with child modeling/pageants.  4 year olds are not supposed to have spray tans and fake teeth.  It's all just very bizarre to me.  When my daughter becomes older, maybe 12 or 13, and asks me if she can do a pageant, I may let her.  But not as a small child, no way.

early... earlybird11

All babies r not cute !!! Those gap / vote for me things r such crap . Just popularity contests. If u want to see if thy can make it, get an agent and go that route. We did it after not wanting to partake in any more popularity contests and were happy with the results but of course everyone thinks their Child is just the cutest

Tripl... TripleC14

I've never gotten that question specifically but I don't lie about ugly babies. I'll compliment other things like their spunky attitude, sweet nature etc, but I won't say your kid is adorable if I don't think so.

jpfsmom jpfsmom

This is funny to me because a few weeks ago on my local moms board one of the was posting her daughter's pic for some modeling contest and she's not the first one to do that but she was doing every hour on the hour and her posts were getting more aggressive and kind of mean so a few of the moms asked me to put a lid on it so as an administrator I made up a rule you could only post it once a day and please refrain from aggressive tactics...she went ballistic on me saying I was bullying her child (I wasn't, I happen to think her daughter is lovely, if anything I was embarrassed for her daughter because I can only imagine having a mom like that to grow up with) and I was jealous and so fourth, the worst of it was on this same board about a month before we had set up a take em a meal plan for a mom who has cancer and we posted it everyday and this mom didn't take part which is fine, I never criticize anyone that can't or won't but she pointed out how she was annoyed that she was getting inundated by posts about cooking meals for people she doesn't know but she didn't say anything because she has manners. I know should be completely offended but anyone who equates the annoyance factor providing meals for a cancer victims to mean spirited posts telling moms to vote for her child in a beauty contest obviously is three cans of six pack. Needless to say she left the moms group because of us bullies that got tired of her aggressive messages pimping out her kid.

Joy Wasserman Sutkus

I actually get the opposite. Every where I go people always tell me how beautiful my little girl is and tell me she should be in modeling. I don't just get it sometimes, I get it all the time. I had a friend with me and she was even surprised by how often people stop me. My little girl has curly blonde hair, big blue eyes and rosey cheeks. Yes, I do think she is beautiful and if she got a modeling job, I would do it. But I am not out there trying to put her in beauty pageants.

Elena Duran

Rhonda I hear you. I had the mall thing happen with both my kids. It was kinda funny on one trip, the lady would not leave me alone no matter how I said no. Another mom steps in and says she will take the 'oppertunity' if I won't then got mad that they didn't fawn over her daughter like they did my son. The lady got mad and yelled 'they just think you have more money then me to spend' sure lady, I'm wearing jeans a old tshirt(15+yrs old) busted shoes hair in a bun and no make up yet I look like I have all the money in the world to spend on a scam, lol.

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