8 Precious Babies Flipping the Bird (PHOTOS)

baby fingers
These fingers aren't the bad ones!
Babies are precious little lumps of cute 99.9 percent of the time. But the other 0.01 percent of the time, they are mean little buggers who exist solely to make us want to tear our hair. They also surreptitiously flip us off a lot.

Seriously, have you ever noticed that is like a requirement for all baby books? I challenge you to find a single parent who DOESN'T have the old "baby flipping the bird" photo.

Here are 8 photos of babies doing their best to tell mom and dad to EFF OFF. See below:

Image via chimothy27/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Christie

in # 5 that's the ring finger not the middle and I don't really see it in # 6 either.....but these are ADORABLE anyway

nonmember avatar Ram

I was a nanny for twin baby boys. I would take turns holding them up in the window when their mom came home from work. One of them would rest his hands on the window with both middle fingers up. Mom would crack up at her baby boy's bird salute.

MIA0223 MIA0223

I have a really cute one of DD at just maybe 1 week old flipping off DH!

MamaP... MamaPeanut

#1 is a beautiful child, but those parent's need major parenting classes. The baby is way too young to be froward facing, the straps are far too loose, and the chest clip is almost at the crotch! That poor thing is as good as dead in an accident.

Jamie Martin

well i was expecting them to all be babies not toddlers since the title of it was babies flipping the bird

Sandra Wayner

Numbers 2 and 3 they are to old and and only doing to cause mom or dad told them to. Not adorable. Number 5 that is the ring finger not the middle finger. And number 6 the baby isn't showing the middle finger. But numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are really adorable!

nonmember avatar randa

Very cute. I have a pic of my soon flipping us off during his ultrasound.

jeane... jeanellensmommy

My avi is my son flipping the bird when he was 5 months old. He was nursing, and I had to cover to keep the sun out of his face.

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