Photo of Baby Doing a 'Keg Stand' Is No Joke (VIDEO)

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kegUm, have you seen the photo of the baby doing a keg stand that is making its way around the web today? Yes, I'm serious -- there's a photo of a dude holding up a baby who appears to be doing a keg stand at a tailgating party gone wrong outside of an Arizona State University football game.

Apparently a student at the university saw what was happening with the baby and was appalled, and proceeded to take a photo of the incident and upload it to the website

And now what may have started out as a seriously inappropriate joke has turned into a full-blown police investigation -- because if by some chance that baby was actually given beer, this is nothing short of child abuse.

As of now, police are trying to figure out what really happened, and they're starting with trying to find out who posted the picture on And though that particular website has a very notorious reputation, even its founder, Nik Richie, is disgusted by the possibility of there being any truth to this photo. He said:

I just don't see the joke in it at all. People are really looking at this saying, even if it was a joke, it is just poor taste and it is terrible parenting.

If I had to guess -- I'd say the incident is definitely a joke, but even if these men simply got carried away and thought it would be funny to pretend this baby was guzzling beer from a keg (so gross), the idea of giving booze to a child is no laughing matter.

I'll be the first to admit that I took plenty of funny pictures of my son when he was a baby. I used to position him on the couch with the remote and a bowl of popcorn so it looked like he was flipping through the channels and chillin'. Or I'd put sunglasses and a hat on him so he looked like a little adult. But not once did I ever have him posed with a beer in his hand or a shot glass or anything like that.

I mean, what kind of parent does that type of thing? (Apparently drunk ones who can't resist getting a good laugh with the boys.)

If I were this baby's mother, I'd be beyond pissed about my husband (or baby daddy or whoever) simulating my kid doing a keg stand -- and I'd definitely think twice about letting the guys take him to any future sporting events. It's bad enough to worry about what your child will do on a college campus once they leave the nest, let alone worrying about them unwillingly being subjected to risky behaviors before they're out of diapers.

To hear more opinions on the photo, take a look at this video clip.


If this was nothing but a joke, do you think it's funny?


Image via bradleypjohnson/Flickr

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nonmember avatar cjsmom

that's disgusting

Tripl... TripleC14

If the baby isn't actually drinking alcohol I don't see the big horror. Not my personal taste, but what exactly is the harm if it's just pretending?

Jami Stevenson

my mom has pictures of me running around with a beer can as a toddler and no one arrested her. it was normal back then. we have become an overly politically correct society. its a damn picture. 

** however, if these boys actually gave the child beer that is a differnt story. that there is not right (though many of us were given a sip here and there as kids) but again, a pic is a pic.

Jenna Moeser

honestly, its not right, but i have seen worse pictures of kids my children's age...

MissC... MissCatalina

Who said it wasn't the baby's mother who did it?

rodge... rodgersv11

As long as they weren't actually giving the baby any alcohol, I don't see the big deal. It's just a silly picture. We all take silly pictures of our kids, and just because this isn't something you would do doesn't mean you have to be so judgemental. Terrible parenting? Really? If the baby actually drank beer, then yes, I agree. But if they were just messing around and the baby didn't drink anything, then no, not terrible parenting. There's way worse things a parent can do.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

I don't find it particularly funny, but as long as they didn't actually give the kid beer, it's nothing horrible.

Nakia Lockley

I didn't find that photo funny at all. And I don't blame the college student for exposing thus moron father on the internet. Daddy had it coming to him, whether knew he he was being photographed or not. But I'm sure that child's mom is beyond livid for finding out from the police.

Dane Demarest

Cry me a river. If the kid isn't being harmed, then who cares? What is the problem here? It's a joke..grow up. Stop trying to be such politically correct crusaders. There is actual child abuse going on in the world, and topics of importance that could actually use the coverage versus a joke photo of a baby at a tailgate.

Martha Bailey

Not my humor but he isn't drinking from it so I don't care.

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