Mom Who Confessed to Ditching Her 3-Week-Old Baby on Road Needs Compassion, Not Jail (VIDEO)

amber alertFor 12 hours, the grandmother and family of 3-week-old Mia Graci Thompson thought she was kidnapped after her mother reported her missing from outside the post office. An Amber Alert was issued for the infant who was found on the side of the road 12 hours later. Her 19-year-old mother was arrested in conjunction with the disappearance.

It is a puzzling story. Why would a woman report her child missing when she was the reason the child was missing? According to police, the baby's mom Kendra Meaker confessed to putting her on the side of the road but they did not say why.

Still, in reading the details of this woman's life, it seems like there could be a pretty obvious issue going on here. See below:



This mom has two babies. She is 19. Her children are 11 months apart. It is hard to even imagine what she must be feeling.

I was 30 when I had my second baby and they were 18 months apart and I had no hormonal issues or postpartum depression and I can tell you 100 percent that it was harder than I ever imagined. It was not leave my baby on the side of the road hard, but it was bone crushingly, mind numbingly, wanting to tear my eyes out difficult to have two babies at the same time. And my baby was seven months older than hers!

I am not saying it is OK to dump your baby on the side of the road. It's not. It is deplorable and wrong. And then it is even worse to LIE about it to the police and everyone else. But I still feel badly for this mom. I am sure her life must be beyond overwhelming. Plus she is sleep deprived, scared, and really young to boot.

I know when I was a teenager I made some really stupid decisions I would never make today. This is a young mom in a country with few safety nets for struggling young moms. Sometimes people do desperate things. It does not make them right. But this story could have ended far more tragically.

She deserves some punishment. She needs to do her time. But I guess I would rather see her do it in the form of parenting classes and counseling and maybe in a treatment center.

This is not a malicious woman. This is a cry for help. I hope the children can be somewhere safe until their mom gets a better handle on things. But still, this could have ended so much worse.

Do you think this mom is evil?



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