Snooki Is Breastfeeding Baby Lorenzo the Hard Way (PHOTO)

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Snooki LorenzoYou gotta love Snooki for always being honest -- sometimes brutally honest, but still, you always know where the Jersey Shore star stands. And when it comes to breastfeeding, Snooks has always been clear that she was a little uneasy. But one month into little Lorenzo's life, she's already learned one of the most important keys to being a good parent: you figure out what works for you and your baby.

So when it comes to breastfeeding, Snooki has decided to go with the bottle. Bottles of pumped breast milk that is.

Snooki has Tweeted several times over the past few days about how she makes this whole thing work, including photos of her cutie sucking down his bottle, photos of her new breast pump, and explaining to fans that breastfeeding has helped her lose the baby weight.

And when one fan criticized her for not "putting your babe on your boob," Snooks kept it short and sweet. She said she's pumping because she's filming. Which could mean a million different things: maybe she's spending time away from Lorenzo and she needs to build up a supply of milk for someone else to feed him. Or maybe she's not comfortable breastfeeding in front of millions of TV viewers. Or maybe, well, who cares. She's making it work, and isn't that all that matters? 

There is no shame in choosing breast, bottle, OR pumping. For the latter, it could be pumping sometimes or pumping every single drop of breast milk that they get, but the only thing that matters is that these moms are trying their best.

I know a few moms whose kids had breast milk exclusively from bottles, and the women will all tell you it was a lot of work. Not only did they have to spend the time most of us would spend actually feeding their babies, but they also had to spend that extra time pumping. They were exhausted!

But they all did it for the same reason Snooki initially broached pumping back when she was pregnant and feeling a little uneasy about breastfeeding: "because it's the best nutrients for baby." That sounds like being a good mom to me! Fist pumps for Snooki for making it work!

Would you exclusively pump breast milk for your baby?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

I had to do that with my youngest and it is TWICE the work of bottle or breastfeeding. Good for Snooki for finding what's best for her baby.

truth... truthrowan

I have exclusively pumped for all three of mine, enough to get them to the one year mark and past, and will be doing it for this one too. I know what hard work it is, but you do what you have to, whatever you can, whatever you think is best, be that breast, pump, or formula. Good for Snooki!

Heath... HeatherJo11

I exclusively pumped & bottle fed with breast milk. Initially because my baby was severely premature & was hospitalized for the first three months, then just because it was habit & I attempted to switch him to breast feeding once he was finally home & I didnt like it & he didn't like it. So we just continued pumping & bottle feeding . It worked for us & I think that's what's most important! :)

sofia... sofia0587

Who cares its still breast milk

bubba258 bubba258

It's wonderful Lorenzo is having BM regardless of pumping or suckling. But I am curious that she can find time away from cameras to pump but not to offer the breast. Not being critical, just sayin'.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I did. My kids aren't great latchers, and I had to go back to work. It's a TON of work, but you get into a routine. And now he can have breastmilk at home, and other people can feed him beside me. It worked for our family.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

That's great!! I did it for 14 months and it is a lot of work but totally worth it!!! Good job Snooks!

Gages... Gages_Mommy32

My SIL pumped for both of my nephews and bottle fed them until they were at least 7 months old. She tried with both to breastfeed but wasn't able. But she was able to pump and produced so much milk she and my brother had to buy an extra deep freeze. Lol

I thought it was awesome that she was so committed to giving her babies breastmilk. And I think it's awesome of Snooki! If someone is bashing her for giving her baby what's best for him, the best way she can, they need to get a life! OMG you really can't please everyone, can ya!?

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Good for her. I wish I had done that.

MIA0223 MIA0223

Our immigration lawyer exclusively pumped for 2 years! Amazing.

Good for her though! Hope her supply stays up!

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